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Product ConnectXf
Version All
Applies to Administrators
Level Advanced

A26 NO [ALERT] STATUS failed

This error occurs typically because the mailstore directory of the user is not in correct format. The error could occur in any operation like say Purge or Move. Commonly occuring problems in mailstore format are :

1. permissions of folders are not correct

2. Some intermediate folders like the 'cur', 'new' or 'tmp' folder are missing.

To create the intermediate folders for all users on a server, Media:repairmaildirs.sh.doc script can be used.

Copy the above script to repairmaildir.sh

dos2unix repairmaildir.sh

chmod +x repairmaildir.sh

Run script

repairmaildir.sh > repairmaildir.log

Check the repairmaildir.log for any error.

To authenticate users in clear password

Open file, /etc/authlib/authldaprc

Uncomment the below line, LDAP_CLEARPW clearPassword

Restart courier-authlib service.