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Element Description
Document ID 21728102016
Version 1
Advisory category Patch
Impact Low Risk
OS version Centos 6 or RedHat 6
MCS version
Release date 28 October 2016
Last updated 28 October 2016
Integrated MCS Version --
Keywords DH Keypair, prime size, cipher key, offline, processing
Apply on DR Secondary server Yes


  • This patch solves the Cipher key issue caused during the SSL handshake between the server and the offline processing module. By default, JDK 1.4 to 1.7 assumes the keypair to be between 512 to 1024 bits, but some servers return a keypair which is more then 1024 bits which results in the error. Patch solves the issue by including the JCE provider for the JDK.

Patch Name

  • 3.28 : mithi-patch-processMailCipherKeyIssue-p1-

Patch Installation

3.28: Install patch using CMR

3.28: For DRBD: Install patch using CMR

Patch Uninstallation

3.28: Uninstall patch using CMR

3.28: For DRBD: Uninstall patch using CMR