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Element Description
Document ID 23411012017
Version 1
Advisory category Patch
Impact Low Risk
OS version Centos 6 or RedHat 6
MCS version 3.28
Release date 11 January 2017
Last updated 11 January 2017
Integrated MCS Version
Keywords LDAP exception
Apply on DR Secondary server Yes


  • This patch will stop the execution of any stage in mail flow ( prequeue , mdc ) if LDAP exception occurs in-between. LDAP exception can occur if in case LDAP is stopped or LDAP is busy or it is unavailable .
  • smtpcontrols " ldapretires and sleepinterval " are added for the enhancement of LDAP search in prequeue .
  • For MDC , ldapretries and sleepinterval is provided in conf file : /mithi/mcs/modules/mithi-bl/conf/server/server_parameters.properties .
  • ldapretries is the count which tells for how many times connection retry should be done to LDAP and sleepinterval is the count which tells for how many seconds it should wait for next retry . Default value of ldapretries is 5 and sleepinterval is 1 .
  • If any issue is identified in mail flow , you can revert the changes ( instead of un-installing the patch ) by setting the keystone "r_szEnableTemperoryExceptionHandler" to false from the same file mentioned above .
  • Services that to be restarted after installation and uninstallation patch :
/etc/init.d/qmail restart

Patch Name

  • 3.28 : mithi-patch-preq-mdc-LDAPException-bigfix-p1-

Patch Installation

3.28: Install patch using CMR

3.28: For DRBD: Install patch using CMR

Patch Uninstallation

3.28: Uninstall patch using CMR

3.28: For DRBD: Uninstall patch using CMR