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Element Description
Document ID 27521042017
Version 1
Advisory category Patch
Impact Low Risk
OS version Centos 6 or RedHat 6
MCS version
Release date 21 April 2017
Last updated 21 April 2017
Integrated MCS Version,
Keywords get org properties, download file, report
Apply on DR Secondary server Yes


  • This patch will:
* Add web service to get organization properties in CSV format and download files.
* Add domain properties: scheduledomainusagereport, schedulequotareport,scheduleaudittrailreport 
 These peoperties can have values as [ daily, weekly, never ]. Default value of these properties is: never. 
  • Property significance:
scheduledomainusagereport: Domain admin will receive domain usage report daily,weekly or never
schedulequotareport:       Domain admin will receive domain quota report daily,weekly or never
scheduleaudittrailreport:    Domain admin will receive domain audit trail report daily,weekly or never
  • Services that need to be restarted after installation and uninstallation patch :
/etc/init.d/ldap restart
/etc/init.d/tomcat restart

Patch Name

  • 3.28 : mithi-patch-ws_allorgs_dl_files_sch_report-p1-

Patch Installation

3.28: Install patch using CMR

3.28: For DRBD: Install patch using CMR

Patch Uninstallation

3.28: Uninstall patch using CMR

3.28: For DRBD: Uninstall patch using CMR