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Element Description
Document ID 34920122017
Version 1
Advisory category Patch
Impact High Risk
OS version Centos 6 or RedHat 6
MCS version
Release date 20 Dec 2017
Last updated 20 Dec 2017
Integrated MCS Version NA
Keywords proxsmtpd orchestration mailrouter
Apply on DR Secondary server NA


This patch will update Mail router server. It solve two issues.
  • proxsmtpd service uses c++ proxsmtpfileuploader exe to upload mail to S3
  • In multi vaultastic server setup with mailrouter, ldaputils on mailrouter hold the connection with the server of first recipient found. Hence, issues comes for the recipients belong to other server then recipient1

Patch Name

  • 3.32 : mithi-patch-proxsmtp_cpp_exe_filter-p1-
  • Services need to be restarted after installation and uninstallation patch :
/etc/init.d/jetty restart

Patch Installation

3.32: Install patch using CMR

3.32: For DRBD: Install patch using CMR

Patch Uninstallation

3.32: Uninstall patch using CMR

3.32: For DRBD: Uninstall patch using CMR