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Element Description
Document ID 36423012018
Version 1
Advisory category Patch
Impact Low Risk
OS version Centos 6 or RedHat 6
MCS version
Release date 23 Jan 2018
Last updated 22 Jan 2018
Integrated MCS Version NA
Keywords Ediscovery bug, bug fix
Apply on DR Secondary server Yes


This patch will fix bugs from ediscovery.
Advance search date range filter
 - current date was not added in search query.which skip todays received mail from search.
Update saved queries
 - update query not working, after update savedqueries, updated query was not reflected in saved query list. 
 - After clear query, form was not reinitialized.

Patch Name

  • 3.32 : mithi-patch-ediscovery_bug_fix_v2-p1-
  • Services need to be stop after installation and uninstallation patch :
No service restart required. 

Patch Installation

3.32: Install patch using CMR

3.32: For DRBD: Install patch using CMR

Patch Uninstallation

3.32: Uninstall patch using CMR

3.32: For DRBD: Uninstall patch using CMR