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Terms used in the support advisory documents and their meaning.

Term Description
Advisory Category Scope of the document
OS Patch Fix for any operating system enhancement, defect.
Product Patch Product enhancement or defect fix.
Product Upgrade New version of the product.
Recommendation Get more out of your Mithi collaboration setup.
Security Alert Information about any new threats, vulnerabilities, etc
Information Track trends & ideas
Impact Effect of this on the setup
High Risk High Security risk
Medium Risk Medium Security risk
Low Risk Low Security risk
Productivity May increase or reduce productivity of end users
Stage Which stage of the mail flow is affected
Directory  Entity and their property storage
Web client Web access to the collaboration application
SMTP Mail transport
Mail Policies Control mail flow
Spam Control and Management Spam detection, filtering, reporting and release
Mail Delivery Mail routing, filtering, forwarding, local delivery
Mail Storage Quota and mail storage
Pull Mail fetching mail from an ISP server
POP Access mail over POP3 or POPS
SMS Email to sms or sms to email service
Calendar Calendar service for end users
Chat Chat and Instant messaging service for end users
Administration  The Application Manager console via Command line or GUI
Backup Backup of the system data and mailstore
Monitoring Daily monitoring of the servers
Disaster recovery Fall back to take care of server failures.