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Preparation for upgrades

Server relocation or changing the IP assigned to a server

Upgrading hardware of a MCS Server or shifting to a new hardware

Single server setup
Single server with DR
Replacing disks in a DRBD setup

Operating System (OS) upgrade

  • MCS for RHEL 4 is available from version onwards. Therefore to upgrade the operating system for an older version of MCS, it is necessary to first upgrade the MCS version on the same OS.
  • To upgrade an operating system from Fedora Core 3 to RHEL 4 or RHEL 3 to RHEL 4 requires a rebuild of the server. Since it is not advisable to reformat a production server when doing the rebuild, it is advisable to arrange for a spare machine onto which the mail server can be transfered. The plan for OS upgrade is then same as the plan for hardware upgrades.

MCS version upgrade

The following links will take you to the pages which define the entire process of upgrading MCS servers in different setups

Central site - Single server
Central site - Relay + mail server setup
Central site - Load Balanced setup
Servers configured for heartbeat/DRBD

Upgrading a single MCS server to have a disaster recovery server using DRBD and heartbeat

Administration:Setting up a disaster recovery server

Applying Schema update patch in Distributed Master-Slave setup - Connect Xf 3.16+

When we upgrade customer servers having distributed setup - master + many slaves, first we upgrade the ldap schema of all servers. Then we upgrade slaves to new version one by one and finally we upgrade master. This upgrade process requires, all servers have same schema for ldap replication to work.

Until now we are creating patch and uploading it manually. But from 3.16 the patch will be present in installable files(ENT and sp) itself.

Patch Name = mithi-patch-upgrade_ldap_schema-p1-x.x.x.x_x.x.x.x.el6.x86_64.rpm

This patch contains necessary schema files, which are required to upgrade manually, before actual upgrade of MCS on slave servers. To upgrade ldap schema apply this patch.

Steps to apply patch on NON-DR servers

  • Copy Upgrade installation sp tar file on server.
  • Untar sp tar file.
  • tar -xzvf sp_tar_file.
  • Goto to extracted directory.
  • cd dirname
  • Stop ldap.
  • /etc/init.d/ldap stop
  • Apply patch.
  • rpm -ivh mithi-patch-upgrade_ldap_schema-p1-x.x.x.x_x.x.x.x.el6.x86_64.rpm
  • Start ldap.
  • /etc/init.d/ldap start
  • Do basic smoke testing.

Steps to apply patch on DR servers

  • Follow above steps to apply patch on DR Primary.
  • Steps to apply patch on DR Secondary.
  • Copy Upgrade installation sp tar file on server.
  • Untar sp tar file.
  • tar -xzvf sp_tar_file.
  • Goto to extracted directory.
  • cd dirname
  • Apply patch.
  • rpm -ivh mithi-patch-upgrade_ldap_schema-p1-x.x.x.x_x.x.x.x.el6.x86_64.rpm

Pre & Post Upgrade Steps