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Product ConnectXf
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  • IMAP authentication does not happen
  • It is observed the Tomcat2 Service was unable to restart.


In ConnectXf version 3.8 and above the IMAP server uses the auth service via connector, which avoids authentication failures due to the non-availability of a web service.

Lets check if IMAP auth service is occuring thru the connector

1. Check the type of IMAP authentication service using below commands

egrep authmodulelist /etc/authlib/authdaemonrc | egrep -v '^#'
egrep -i ^use_connector /etc/authlib/authmcsrc

If the IMAP server is using the auth service via a connector 1, indicates the auth service is working fine.

An IMAP authentication is dependent on courier-authlib, LDAP, Tomcat 2, and Tomcat services

2. Verify the Tomcat 2 service is working fine

  • Check the status of Tomcat 2 using telnet
telnet localhost 8280

If telnet to the port 8280 fails to connect, showing error Connection Refused. indicates tomcat2 service is unable to start normally.

  • Check if the process id file is already present
ls /var/run/tomcat2.pid 

If the pid file is already present, tomcat2 service fails to restart.

Possible Cause

As per scenario mentioned, Tomcat 2 service was not closed properly.

It is possible some threads on Tomcat 2 are not terminated successfully, hence unable to restart normally.

In such case, try to remove the pid file manually and restart the Tomcat2 service.


1. Move tomcat2 process ID file to another location and then start the service.

mv /var/run/tomcat2.pid /tmp/
/etc/init.d/tomcat2 start

2. Test the web client login and confirm IMAP authentication.