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Configuring and using Xabber Chat Account on Android device

Install the Xabber application from Google Play store on your android mobile device.

Configure a chat account on your device to keep in touch with your colleagues on the go.
Follow the steps mentioned below to configure your account.

Refer the troubleshooting topic if you face any problem while configuring the account.

Steps to configure a chat account in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Download and install the application

You need to install the Xabber application from Google Play store on your mobile device.

Step 2: Go to the Add Account screen


On the Home screen, tap Xabber icon.

Xabber 01.png

If this is your first XMPP account the ADD ACCOUNT option displays otherwise a list of already configured XMPP accounts populates on the screen.

Tap ADD ACCOUNT option to navigate to the Add account screen.

Android Xabber SSL 01.png

Step 3: Provide Account Information


On the Add account screen,

  • Make sure the XMPP type is selected in the Account Type list box.
  • In the Username box, enter your complete User ID.
If you are using Mithi SkyConnect Trial account, provide user id which you have received in the Welcome Mail.
  • In the Password box, enter the password associated with your account.
If you are using Mithi SkyConnect Trial account, provide Password which you have received in the mail by the Mithi Team.

TIP : If you change the password in the future, an authentication error will occur and application will fail to connect the server. So, if you change your account password, do not forget to update the same on your mobile device accounts.

Android Xabber SSL 02.png

On the Account screen,

  • Select the check-box to Enable the account.
  • Verify if the Username and Server displayed are correct.
  • Select/deselect the option Integration into system contacts to merge the contacts from Xabber app to the phone contacts.
  • Select/deselect the option to Store Password for auto connection to the application.
  • Select the Custom host check box.
  • Tap the Host box and enter the server name of the Connect Xf server.

SkyConnect Trial Account user:
Provide the server name as mail.mithiskyconnect.com
ConnectXf User:
Provide the server name in the format <domain>.mithiskyconnect.com
Example: acmecorp.mithiskyconnect.com
Refer the topic to know
  • Make sure the Port box value is 5222.
  • Set the Priority value 2.
Note: If the priority of the chat application on Mobile client and web client same, you will receive chat messages on both the clients at the same time.

The default priority value of the Baya chat application is 2 so you should keep the same value for the chat application on your mobile.

  • Keep the Use SASL Authentication option selected.
  • Tap left arrow to navigate.
Android Xabber SSL 04.png
Android Xabber SSL 05.png
iii Application verifies the settings provided and configures the account on your mobile device.

On successful configuration, application displays the roster on the screen.

Refer the topics to know

Android Xabber SSL 06.png

Using the application

Using Xabber you can exchange text messages with your colleagues on your domain.

You can,

  • Add contact to the roster
  • change your presence status
  • change your account settings
  • close chat windows
  • view chat room options

To view options:

  • Tap the Options key on the right side of the application interface to perform various actions.
Android Xabber SSL 08.png

Deleting an account

To remove the account configured in the Xabber application:

1. Tap the Options icon in the top left corner of the screen.

2. Tap the Settings option.

Android Xabber SSL 09.png

3. Tap the XMPP Accounts option

Android Xabber SSL 10.png

4. Tap and hold the account to be deleted.

5. Tap the Delete option.

Android Xabber SSL 11.png

Using Chat room (MUC)

Xabber allows you to join and have discussion with a group of your colleagues in the chat room.

Creating a chat room

You can create a chat room using Xabber, but due to some issues you can not send/receive message using this chat room. But, you can join a chat room if any of the contacts in the roster send you an invitation to his chat room.

Joining a chat room

You can join the chat room using your Android mobile. When a contact on your roster creates a chat room using browser or desktop and sends you an invitation, you can accept the invitation and join the chat room.

To join the chat room discussion:

1. Tap to accept the invitation received to join the chat room.

Figure: Example of chat screen with notification

2. Tap the OK option to proceed.

Figure: An invitation message to join chat room

Join Conference screen displays showing all the chat room settings.

3. On this screen, check the settings populated by the application are correct.

  • Change the nick-name if you wish.
  • If the chat room is password protected, provide the password to enter the room.
Tap the Save conference option to save the settings.
Figure: Chat room settings

A chat room displays in your roster.

4. Tap the chat room to open and start the conversation.

Figure: A sample chat room in the roster

5. On the chat room screen, you can view, send, or receive the chat messages.

Figure: A sample chat room discussion

6. On the chat room screen, tap the Menu to view various options.

  • If you wish to add a contact from your roster to join the chat room.
Tap the Invite to chat option, and tap to select the contact from the roster. Application sends an invitation to that contact.
Figure: Invite a contact to the chat

7. From the roster press and hold for a while on the chat room to view options to manage the chat room. This way you can have multi user chat(MUC) using your Android device and have chat with a group of colleagues at a time.

Figure:Options to manage chat room

Troubleshooting / FAQs

What is the server name and host name of my server?

SkyConnect Trial Account User

If you are evaluating the mithiskyconnect.com domain

  • The server name used for accessing any application (POP, IMAP, SMTP, LDAP, XMPP, CalDAV) is mithiskyconnect.com
  • The Host name of the server is mail.mithiskyconnect.com

Hosted Users

For all hosted users

  • The server name is the <domain>
  • The host name is <domain>.mithiskyconnect.com

In Premise Users

Please contact administrator to find out the exact URL.

Note: If you are using Thunderbird/ Pidgin desktop chat application or Monal application on iOS

you dont have to specify host name or server name separately. Specify complete server name URL. Please refer respective documents for details.

Can I use IP address of the server instead of server name URL?

It is not recommended to use IP address of the server. As IP addresses are not permanent and may change in future.

So, please contact to the administrator if you do not know the URL of your server.

Unable to configure your account? Connection Error?

By default, iOS connects to the server over SSL using the default ports.
If the ports are not open for connection and blocked in the Firewall, connection error occurs and configuration fails.

So make sure, you have installed/enabled SSL certificate on your server and ports required for connection to the server are open and not blocked in the firewall.

Please contact your admin to check if there is not a port issue.

Want to connect to the server without using SSL?

Yes, you can connect to the server without using SSL if SSL is configured on it.

Refer the ports required for connection to the server without using SSL.
If the ports are not open for connection and blocked in the Firewall, connection error occurs and configuration fails. So make sure, required ports are open for connection and not blocked in the firewall.

Please contact your admin to check if there is not a port issue.

I have configured my chat account on my mobile as well as desktop. I do miss the chat text on one of the client.

To avoid this, you need to set the priority to 2 for all the clients you are using to access your chat account.