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Export Contacts to VCF format file using the Contacts application on device

  • Open the Contacts application and tap the Options/Menu button.
  • Choose Import/Export option.
  • Choose the account to Copy Contacts from.
  • Choose the account/location to Copy Contacts to.
  • Export contacts to the VCF file.

If your device is running Android OS version below 2.1, you need to install third party applications for exporting contacts.

Export Contacts to Thunderbird CSV format using Contacts Export Application in 4 simple steps

Step 1: Install Application on mobile

Download Contacts /SMS/ LOG Export application.

Step 2: Go to Export Contacts screen of the Contacts/SMS/LOG Export application

1. From the Home screen, tap to choose the Contacts /SMS/ LOG Export.

Contacts Export 01.png

2. Tap the Export Contacts button.

Contacts Export 02.png

Step 3: Provide details

  • In the filename box, provide the file name for the CSV file to be created. By default it is export.csv.
Contacts Export 03.png
  • In the path box, enter the location where you want to save the CSV file. By default application stores the CSV file on sd card of the mobile at /mnt/sdcard.
Contacts Export 04.png
  • In the Fields box, do not change the default values.
  • In the Delimiter box, tap to choose the option Comma as a separator.
Contacts Export 05.png
  • Keep the default values as it is in the Endline box.
  • In the Format box, tap to choose the option Thunderbird.
Contacts Export 06.png
  • Tap the Export button to export all the contacts to CSV file.
Contacts Export 07.png

Application exports all the phonebook contacts to CSV file.

Contacts Export 08.png

Step 4: Send email with exported CSV attached

  • Tap the Email button, to send an email with the CSV file as an attachment to your mail account/ required account.
Contacts Export 09.png
  • Access your account and download the CSV file to your machine.
Contacts Export 10.png

Export Contacts to Outlook CSV format using ExcelContacts Lite Application in 5 simple steps

Step 1: Install the ExcelContacts Application

You need to download and install ExcelContacts Lite application from Google Play Store.


The free version of the application allows you to export 150 contacts at a time.
For exporting more than 150 contacts, you can download the paid version of the application.

Procedures mentioned in the following document are carried out using the ExcelContacts application version You may find difference in steps or screens if you have another version of the application installed on your device.

Step 2: Go to Export contacts screen of the ExcelContacts application

  • From the Home screen, tap to launch the ExcelContacts application.
Figure: This is an example screen capture; your home screen may differ.
  • On the Export tab, tap the Start button.
Figure: ExcelContacts Application

Step 3: Export Contacts

  • Choose Outlook as the format for the file to be exported.
Figure: ExcelContacts Application
  • Choose the account on your device from which you wish to export the contacts.
Figure: ExcelContacts Application

Enter the range of contacts to be exported and tap the Next button.

Note: The free version of ExcelContacts application allows 150 contacts to export. You can install the paid version of the application if needed.

Figure: ExcelContacts Application

Application exports contacts from your account to xls file.

Figure: ExcelContacts Application

Step 4: Send exported file through email

  • Choose the Email option to send the exported file.
Figure: ExcelContacts Application
  • Choose email application from your device to send an email.
Figure: ExcelContacts Application

Application displays a pre-composed email with the xls file as an attachment.

  • Enter the required email id in the recipient box and send it.
Figure: ExcelContacts Application

Step 5: Save the file on your machine

  • Access your email account and download the contacts xls file on your machine.
  • Open and save the file in CSV format.

You can use this CSV file to import contacts to the personal contacts in Baya.

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