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Importing Contacts (VCard file) into Android Devices

Import VCard file from the File Manager application on the device

It is presumed that you have Placed the VCard file to be imported to your device on SD Card or Phone storage.

  • Open the Contacts application and tap the Options/Menu button.
  • Choose Import/Export option.
  • Select the location where the VCard file to be exported is saved and tap Next.
  • Choose the location (other account/ phone) where you want import the VCard file.
  • Proceed to import all the contacts from VCard file.

Import VCard file from the Email application on the device

  • Send an email with VCard file as an attachment, to your email account configured on the device.
  • Open the attachment from your mail.
  • Choose the options provided through which you can import it into the device or another account.

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