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Set up a chat account on Windows Phone

For setting up a chat account on Windows Phone, you need to download and install IM+ application from Windows App Store. For more information on IM+, visit http://www.shape.ag/en/products/details.php?product=im&platform=wp.

To set up your Windows Phone with your chat account, you need to know your Connect Xf Server settings and ports. Also, make sure the port mentioned in the settings is open to connect.

Note: The steps mentioned in the document are carried out using IM+ application version 3.0 and Nokia Lumia 8 windows phone. You may find difference in screens if you have different handset or the different version of the application installed on your phone.

To Set up a chat account on Windows based mobile:

1. Go to the Home Screen and launch the IM+ application which displays an Add Account screen.

Figure: This is an example screen capture; your home screen may differ.

2. On the Add Manager screen, tap the add account icon.

Figure: Add Account Screen

3. Scroll down to choose the Jabber option for configuring an IM account present on the XMPP server.

Tap the next icon to navigate to the next screen.
Figure: Add Account Screen

4. On this screen, provide the account information and tap the Save option on the screen.

Figure: Add Account Screen

5. Application authorizes the account. After authorization, connects you to the server and fetches contact list from the IM account created on the server.

Figure: Account Manager Screen

Tap the Back key on your phone to view the roster.

Figure: Contacts List

Add contact to the contact list

1. On the Contacts screen, tap the menu icon.

Choose the Add Contact option to add a contact to the list
Figure: Contacts Screen

2. On the Add Contact screen, provide the contact information.

Tap the Save icon to add the contact to the roster.
Figure: Add Contact Screen

Application verifies the contact information provided.

If the information provided is correct, application displays the newly added contact to the roster.

Figure: Contact List

Send a message to the colleague

It is very convenient to stay connected to all colleagues using the chat application on phone.

To send a message to the colleague

  • From the contact list, choose the required contact to send a message.
Figure: Chat Screen
  • Type the message.
  • Tap the Send to send your message.
Figure: Chat Screen

So this way, you can configure your chat account and keep in touch with all the colleagues on the move.