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Configure an IMAP email account on Windows Mobile

  • You can configure an email account (IMAP/POP) on windows based mobile using the native

application provided on your mobile.

  • You need following information for configuring an account.
- Email id
- Password
- Incoming Server Name/ IP and Port number to connect to this server
- Outgoing Server Name/ IP and Port number to connect to this server
Note: It is recommended to confirm if the ports are open for connection. You can contact system administrator for details.
  • This document provides you the steps to configure your email account on winodws based mobile.

The steps are carried out using the mobile device Nokia Lumia 720. You may find difference in screens

if you are using different mobile device.

To configure an email account, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. On the main screen, tap the Settings icon.

2. On the SETTINGS screen, tap the email+accounts option.

3. On the SETTINGS for email+accounts screen, tap the add an account option.

4. On the ADD AN ACCOUNT screen, you can configure your account in two ways.

Option 1: On the ADD AN ACCOUNT screen, scroll down and choose advanced setup.


Option 2: Scroll down and choose the other account option.

On the OTHER ACCOUNT screen, provide
  • Email address, for example john.smith@acmecorp.co.in
  • Password associated with your account
  • Tap the sign in option.
  • Application tries to find the settings provided and if fails, shows a warning message.
"We couldn't find the settings for the account information you entered. Make sure the email address

is correct, then tap Try Again."

Tap the try again option to continue.
  • If application fails again to find the settings automatically, tap the advanced option to provide the

settings manually.

"We couldn't find the settings for the account information you entered. Make sure the email address is

correct, then tap Try Again. If you would rather add the setting for this account manually, tap


5. on the ADVANCED SETUP, Choose the internet email option to configure your IMAP/POP type of

email account.

6. On the INTERNET EMAIL ACCOUNT screen, provide following details

- Account name : Name of your account to identify
- Your name : Name to be displayed in email messages
- Incoming mail server : Server name/ IP of your Incoming mail server
- Account type : Type of account to be configured Imap4/Pop3
- Username : Your complete email address
- Password : Password associated with the account

- Outgoing (SMTP) email server : Server name/ IP of the outgoing email server
- Choose the option if your Outgoing server requires authentication
- Choose the option if Use the same username and password for sending email
Tap the advanced settingsoption to view following settings.
- Choose the Require SSL for IMS option if you want to configure your account using SSL (A

protocol used to encrypt the data in transit)

- Decide the time of interval to Download new content from server. For example, 2 hours.
- Decide the period to Download email from For example, 7 days.

Application validates all the information provided and synchronizes the account on your mobile device.

The SETTINGS screen displays with your account listed under email accounts.

Accessing your email account

To access your account:

  • Go to the main screen and tap your newly added email account.

INBOX folder of the account displays with all the emails in it.

Viewing folders in your mail account

To view other folders of your account:

  • On the INBOX screen, tap the more option.
  • Choose the folders option from the menu.
  • Tap the required folder to view mails from the list.