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Export Contacts from iOS devices to VCard file using iCloud interface

Step 1: Sync Contacts on iCloud

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings > iCloud and make sure Contacts is listed as ON.
IPhone Settings Contacts.png

Step 2: Go to Contacts on iCloud interface

  • Click Contacts
Figure: iCloud Application Window

Step 3: Export Contacts

  • Click the Settings icon from iCloud Contacts pane.
    • Click the Select all option to export all the contacts from your device
    • Search for required contacts from the list.
    • Click the Export VCard... option.
Figure: iCloud Application Window

Step 4: Check the exported contacts file

iOS exports the contacts selected to a .VCF formatted file and saves to the C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\My Documents\Downloads folder on your machine which you can easily import to Personal Contacts in Baya.

Export Contacts to Outlook CSV /VCF format using ExcelContacts Lite Application


This document explains, how to export contacts from your iPhone to CSV /VCF format file using ExcelContacts Lite Application.

Install the free version of ExcelContacts Lite application from AppStore which allows you to export 270 contacts at a time. For exporting more than 270 contacts, you can download the paid version of the application.

Procedures mentioned in the following document are carried out using the ExcelContacts application version 2.5.12 You may find difference in steps or screens if you have another version of the application installed on your device.

Step 1: Allow ExcelConatcts app to access your contacts

  • Launch the system Setting app
  • Go to Privacy->Contacts, turn on ExcelContacts to allow the application to access your contacts.

Step 2: Launch ExcelContacts application

  • From the Home screen, tap to launch the ExcelContacts application.
IPhoneExportContacts 01.png

Step 3: Export contacts

1. Tap the arrow next to Property Style which displays a list of file types.

IPhoneExportContacts 02.png

2. Choose the required option Outlook or VCFas a type of file to be exported.

IPhoneExportContacts 03.png

3. Tap the Start button to export contacts.

IPhoneExportContacts 05.png

Step 4: Save the exported file or send it through email

1. Tap the More... button which displays a list of actions to be taken.

IPhoneExportContacts 06.png

2. Tap Email option.

  • If you have chosen the Outlook option, a pre-composed mail with the contacts Excel file as an attachment displays on the screen.
  • If you have chosen the VCF option, a pre-composed mail with the contacts VCF file as an attachment displays on the screen.
IPhoneExportContacts 07.png
  • Provide your email id in the recipient box and Send the mail.
IPhoneExportContacts 04.png

Application sends the mail to the email id provided.

IPhoneExportContacts 08.png

Access your email account and download the attachment (Contacts excel/vcf) file on your machine.

You can use this CSV/VCF file to import contacts to the personal contacts in Baya.

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