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Accessing Personal and Shared Calendars

Your calendar is like a calendar on the wall, but with lots of extra features. You can add an event or task to your calendar. In addition to creating events and tasks, you can set up meetings. A meeting is just like an appointment, except you send an invitation to other people. Each person you invite gets an e-mail message with the details of the meeting.

All the users of the domain are provided with a predefined Calendar. You can access this calendar using Baya. In addition to this default calendar, you can create additional calendars, modify the existing calendar, delete calendar, or subscribe to calendars shared by other users present in the domain.

For example, you can store all the official events, tasks and meetings in default calendar, and create a personal calendar to store your personal tasks, meetings, and events. Also, you can subscribe to other user's calendar in order to schedule meetings.

User Guides for Connect Xf Version 3.20 and Above

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Accessing Personal & Shared Calendars

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