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Baya User Guide All Versions

Getting Started with Baya

Accessing an Email Account

Accessing Contacts

Accessing Personal & Shared Calendars

  • Setting alarm for upcoming events/meetings to receive an email alert

Sending or Receiving an SMS

Using Webchat

Using Audio Video Calling

Updating the Connect Xf Settings


  • Starting from Connect Xf 3.18, yo can start setting alarms for the calendar events and meetings using Baya.
  • The alarms will be sent you in the form of email alerts, ensuring that you are alerted about the event even if you are not logged into your calendar client.
  • The sections below describe how to set the alarms from different calendar views.
  • The last section also describes the email format for the alert.

Setting alarm from the calendar view

  • Go to the calendar and choose the Calendar view
  • Click the event/meeting scheduled and select the Set Alarm option.
Baya Calendar 3.18 Set Alarm.png

Setting the alarm from the list view

  • Choose the List view
  • Choose the event/meeting scheduled from the list and select the Set Alarm option.
Baya Calendar 3.18 List view Set Alarm.png

Setting the alarm

  • On clicking on the Set Alarm menu option, a dialog box will pop-up, giving you different time options at which to receive the alarm.
  • Select an appropriate time and click on Save.
Baya Calendar 3.18 Alarm Options.png
  • Baya will send an email alert to you and the other calendar subscribers at the selected time.
Baya Calendar 3.18 Email Notification.png