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After successful login to Baya, you can start working with your mailbox. In addition to reading and sending e-mail messages, you can customize your messages by, for example, adding attachments, requesting receipts when a message is read or delivered, and adding a category to a message.

Using folders, you can organize your mails. You can easily sort the mails received by using rules to categorize them into different folders. It also helps you to search a particular mail quickly.

User Guides for Connect Xf Version 3.20 and Above

To access user Guides for Connect Xf Version 3.20 and Above click here

User Guide for Connect Xf Prior Version 3.20

Baya User Guide All Versions

Getting Started with Baya

Accessing an Email Account

Accessing Contacts

Accessing Personal & Shared calendars

Sending or Receiving an SMS

Using Webchat

Using Audio Video Calling

Updating the Connect Xf Settings