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Product ConnectXf
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Applies to Administrators
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Broken Pipe Exception

The Broken Pipe Exception occurs if the client drops the connection before the request is complete.


  • The error displayed will look similar to the one below:
"Broken pipe exception'2002-11-28 21:58:11 Ajp13Processor[8197][1] process"


  • Invoke 'java.net.SocketException'
  • java.net.SocketOutputStream.socketWrite0


  • A remote web browser makes a request to the web server.
  • The web server sends a request to Tomcat via the JK connector.
  • Tomcat starts processing the request.
  • While the request is being processed, the output buffer of Tomcat gets full so Tomcat writes the collected data to the web server via the connector socket.
  • The web server tries to forward this data to the remote web browser.
  • The web server's attempt to write to the remote browser fails because the user has hit the STOP button to abandon the request.
  • The web server process/thread detects that the remote browser has withdrawn the request. Hence, to free up the resources that were being utilised by the request that is now abandoned, the web server closes the connector socket to Tomcat. Thus making the resource available to another upcoming request.
  • On the other side, Tomcat will fail when it tries to write additional output to the web server via the connector socket. This triggers the Broken Pipe Exception.
  • Now Tomcat will terminate processing the abandoned request, if it has not been completed yet.