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Product ConnectXf
Version 3.10
Applies to Administrators
Level Advanced

Cannot send mail to external domains =

This problem can occur if the particular PC (or range of PCs) is not allowed to relay messages via the server.(done for enhanced security to prevent unauthorized spamming via this server) In a typical installation only the local host (i.e. the server itself) can relay messages to outside domains. It is expected that the users will be sending messages via their ISP 's SMTP server. Many ISP's have stopped relaying messages which are not for their own domains so your users and you (as an administrator) have the following choices:

  • If the users are on a LAN and are connecting to Mithi Connect Server which is also on the same LAN (Intranet mail gateway setup of Mithi Connect Server), then by default the users will be allowed to relay messages to remote domains via this server, from their email clients. If the users face a problem in this pattern of use, please check that your LAN IPs are allowed to relay messages from the server by looking at the /var/ qmail /control/relayclients file. It should have the LAN's IP Pattern.For further details refer to [Administration:SMTP#Relay_Host|Relay host].
  • If Mithi Connect Server is setup as an Internet mail server and is outside the office premises, then by default no user will be allowed to connect via SMTP using an email client and send messages to remote domains. They will however be able to send messages to users on the local domains of the server. This problem can be best solved by informing users to connect via authenticated SMTP (ESMTP) or letting the users use the Mithi Web Mail to send messages. The first option is more practical if the users are always using an email client to send/access mail.
  • There are cases when the server is hosted in house and is an Internet setup (on a leased line or DSL ), in which case it doubles up as a LAN mail server and an Internet mail server. In this scenario, it is safe to allow PCS on the LAN IPs to relay messages via the server. See point 1 above for the solution.