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Typically when client PCs get infected with certain types of viruses, they become spam generation agents. The virus hijacks the desktop mail client (typically MS Outlook) and pumps large volumes of mail to the configured outbound SMTP server using the authentication information remembered in the mail client. All this typically happens without the user's knowledge.

To reduce impact of such attacks from within the network, the administrator can configure rate control which automatically blocks the IP or email id for sending mail if they cross the threshold value.

While it is doing the above automatically, the system also continually scans for any threshold overflows in normal usage patterns and sends out early warning alerts to the administrator if any anomaly is observed.

  • Email-id Rate Control : This feature disables users automatically if they cross their threshold of sending mail in a day.
  • IP Based Rate Control : This feature automatically blocks the client IPs if they cross their allowed number of connections in a day.

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