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Release date

  • 6th Dec 2013


  • Like all major releases, Connect Xf 3.12 improves the user experience as well as improves the backend system to enhance performance, security and usability.
  • For the end user, this release improves the handling of attachments in the web client, Baya. The compose and the view mail page have been updated such that users can upload and view attachments more easily.
  • The performance of Baya has also been enhanced by enabling browser caching and also by making the backend engine connecting to the mailstore more efficient.
  • For the administrators, managing Connect Xf licenses has now become easier with the introduction of email alerts and also organization level licenses which can be applied to more than one domain.
  • Administrative roles now include a read only attribute. Roles also decide whether an admin can provision or manage the newly introduced organization entities.
  • The custom login page module has been improved, such that a login page can be defined with an automatic sign in section. Some long pending requirements such as, showing errors on the same page and getting the control back to the custom login page have also been addressed.
  • In addition a number of known defects have been resolved to make the system more reliable.

Operating System supported

  • From Connect Xf 3.12, the support for RHEL 4 and CentOS 4 has been discontinued.
  • The versions now supported by Connect Xf are RHEL 6.0 and CentOS 6.0.

Enhancements in Baya

Compose Page

  • The compose page of Baya has been improved to enhance the user experience.
  • The list of improvements is as follows:
  • 1. Integrated a new version of the edit control. This ensured the following:
a. The compose page now loads faster
b. The content is checked inline for spelling mistakes.
c. Can now paste multiple lines of text containing multiple tabs or spaces
d. The edit control now works better on IE7 and IE10.
  • 2. The To, CC, BCC now show the addresses as separate elements. The display looks neater and the elements can be manipulated independently.
  • 3. The attach files has been enhanced. Users can now
a. Upload multiple files at once
b. See the progress bar when the files are being uploaded
c. Delete uploaded files with a single click
d. See the total size of all the uploaded files as well as the individual file sizes.
e. See long file names more clearly.
f. Have an icon next to each uploaded file which denotes the file type.
Baya Compose Page


Description Resource
User Documentation

View mail page

  • The attachment viewing in the view mail page has been improved as follows:
  • The list of attachments is shown on the page with the name and size of attachment.
  • Users have an option to view the attachments online or to download the attachment.
Baya View Mail Page


Description Resource
User Documentation
Admin Documentation

Baya performance

  • The following enhancements were done to improve the performance of the web client Baya.
  • 1. Moved JS files includes to the bottom of the page, so that parsing time for these files will not delay rendering of html page.
  • 2. Added configuration for gzip compression in httpd.conf.
  • 3. While loading the Inbox page, each mail were getting parsed just to show the attachment icon. If the user refreshed the page, then the mail would get parsed again. Using caching the system now needs to parse each mail only once for a user's session.
  • 4. Javascript and css files will now get compressed.
  • 5. Javascripts, images and css now have version information so that they are downloaded by the browser when they are updated on the server.
  • 6. Enabled browser caching.


Description Resource
Admin Documentation

New custom home page template

  • A new app has been developed which uses the web services of Connect XF.
  • This app can be used to build custom home pages with the following features:
  • The custom home page can have a sign up section where new user ids can be created in the domain.
  • The error messages for the sign in or login section are shown on the page itself.
  • On logout the user is taken back to the same custom page.


Description Resource
Admin Documentation

Improvements in the administrative interfaces

Account Expiry

  • Connect Xf 3.12 introduces the automatic account expiry feature.
  • A domain property and user property is used to control the automatic expiry for user accounts on Connect Xf.
  • A daily agent which is scheduled to run 5 minutes past midnight, checks all the account expiry dates.
  • If the account expiry date is set to todays date or an earlier date and is not expired, then the account status is changed to expired.


Description Resource
Admin Documentation


  • The roles now have a new readonly attribute. Admins having a role with the readonly attribute can only see the settings as per the role definition.
  • The new organization entity has been added to the role definition.


Description Resource
Admin Documentation

License manager

  • The license manager of connect Xf has been enhanced to have:
  • 1. Organization based license (across domains)
  • 2. Email alerts to stake holders at predefined intervals
  • 3. New express license which just stops support
  • 4. License control to block access
  • 5. Installation requires Organization property


Description Resource
Admin Documentation

Diagnostic framework

  • The diagnostics framework has been improved to use a single JVM for all the components, thereby reducing the CPU load while running the diagnostic scripts.


Bug number Description
  • Meeting event not added to Attendee calendar from Thunderbird

  • Options.xml file of bedework was not regened on Slave servers.
  • Jabber files not regened on Slave servers.
  • If I set 3 custom links for domain and login to user in Baya and click on the 3rd custom link it redirects me to the site which is referenced by the 2nd custom link.
  • If I set customlink3 for domain it is not shown on the Log in page whereas it is shown on the Inbox page.
  • Each custom link should open in new tab instead of same tab

  • After password expiry, user failed to change password using the Update password page.
  • Mail body is hidden when displaying the message header.
  • The Print menu not displayed properly on the Detail Mail page of stripped attachment.
  • The Baya logo not displayed properly on the Detail Mail page of stripped attachment.
  • The Print icon on the Display Mail page not shown in the IE browser.
  • Unable to click the Purge menu on Folder view in the IE browser.

  • A single contact is visible in the address books.
  • Scroll not working properly in Chrome version 27.0.1453.116
  • Inbox and folder list not displayed properly in IE8
  • Mail not rendered properly in Baya
  • On RHEL6/CentOS6, the default value for max processes / user is 1024. This causes many perf problems. We should set it to a suitable large default during fresh install.
  • Wrong spellings for Ascending & Descending in the Application Manager console.
  • By default the postfix service should be on.
  • On opening the App Manager, the 'Loading' status bar displays on the screen for long time. We have to close the App Manager window or do refresh multiple times, then the 'Loading' status bar disappears.
  • Error reporting when adding invalid users to groups needs to be improved.
  • In the App Manager, the Close button is not shown on any multivalued widget.
  • When provisioning users, show the list of usercos in the domain.
  • Plain text mail is not displayed properly if text mail contains HTML tags.
  • Selected mails are deleted on change of current page (next/previous).
  • Folder list context menu image for more options is not reset on moving the mouse out.

  • Incorrect cursor alignment on the Contacts tab.
  • Gender option gets disabled when birthdate is selected
  • System would allow replacing a newer timestamp with an older timestamp.
  • System would allow setting the value of mdcforwardtohostip same as the mailboxlocation.
  • Cleanmailstoreapp did not handle all cases of graceful failure when ldap service is not available.
  • On entity deletion, system always goes for regen which causes issues while deleting usercos as usercos does not require a regen.
  • Method to list domain list parses the query string incorrectly.

  • Highlighting of search term in muc history widget is enabled.
  • Improved the error messages pop-up shown in the web chat.
  • Error after clicking on some roster items in Baya
  • Users get the status "away" set permanently
  • Auto away doesn't get reset when mouse is moved over application bar
  • Chat archive mails contain special characters
  • User session expired but user was still able to chat.
  • agent_check_mcs_services.sh throws error while trying to check jboss status
  • Roster contact's status is shown as "?"
  • Archive history agent has errors
  • Can not chat with roster users which are added manually using DB add commands.

  • Implementation of the auto-complete feature increases the server load
  • Status of the user is set as Away automatically
  • The chat window does not scroll down automatically when a new message is sent (while poping up)
  • Backup fails on upgrading to 3.10

Pre and Post upgrade steps

Refer the topic Pre and Post Upgrade Steps (MCS to