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Release date

  • May 2014


  • With the release of Connect Xf 3.14, you will get an all new Baya with following improvements
  • A new channel of communication - video calling.
  • Import/export of personal address books from Baya.
  • Improved usability across all the applications.
  • New themes and login page
  • A customizable layout
  • Advanced enterprise features such as SSO integration from the company portal and web services for address book sync from any application.
  • A new prequeue stage has been added which allows mail forwarding to specific email ids.

Supported Browsers by Baya

Refer the document Which browsers are supported by Baya.

Enhancements to Baya

Video calling

  • With video calling integrated into the Connect Xf Version 3.14 collaboration suite, it provides a richer real time collaboration environment.
  • Some of the key benefits of the video calling capability of Baya are:
  • Near Zero additional hardware/Software/Device cost to enable video calling
  • Save time and cost on travel and meetings
  • Richer collaboration environment
  • Reduce distractions from personal & unsolicited calls due to dedicated video calling for business
  • Assured quality for business usage
Figure: Video Calling
  • This is enabled by the following user features:
  • SSO for all apps
  • Call people using a single click from your roster
  • Large screen and compact formats
  • Adjust for bandwidth
  • Control voice and video
  • Accept/Reject incoming calls
  • No downloads required
  • The admin features available to control the video calling feature are:
  • Secure : Access to video calling can be made on an SSL connection ensuring that nobody snoops on your calls.
  • High Availability : Deploy the server in high availability modes to ensure continuous service.
  • Control who all can access the video chat : Would not like to allow all users in your organization to use the video calling feature? Control who can use the feature and who cant.
  • Reports on calls : Get log reports on all calls and their durations.


Description Resource
User Documentation
Admin Documentation

Import/export address books

  • The new import and export address book capabality of Baya allows you to keep your address books on different devices and apps uptodate.
  • You can import and export using csv and vcard formats.
Figure: Import Contacts
Figure: Export Contacts


Description Resource
User Documentation

Improved usability of Email, Contacts, Calendar and Chat applications

  • The collaboration applications in Baya now have modern and attractive interface.
  • The new interface also gives the following benefits:
  • Improved usability
  • Increased user efficiency
  • Improved performance

Figure: Baya Email Application
Figure: Baya Contacts Application
Figure: Baya Calendar Application
Figure: Baya Settings Application


Description Resource
User Documentation
Admin documentation
  • The backend of the Baya client has been updated to allow faster updates to the front end.
  • To fallback to the older logic, keystones have been provided for certain critical functionality. Using the keystone, you can make Baya work with the older code.
  • There are 2 keystones in 3.14, one for the view mail functionality and second for the settings pages. These are controlled as given below:
  • View mail
  • By default, the new code is invoked. To fall back to the old code
  • 1. Open the file /etc/sysconfig/tomcat using the vi editor.
  • 2. Change the moderndetailmail directive in TOMCAT_OPTS to 0. By default it will be 1.
-Dmoderndetailmail=1 to be made to -Dmoderndetailmail=0
  • Save & close the file and restart tomcat.
  • Settings
  • By default, the new code is invoked. To fall back to the old code
  • 1. Open the file /etc/sysconfig/tomcat using the vi editor.
  • 2. Change the modern setting directive in TOMCAT_OPTS to 0. By default it will be 1.
TOMCAT_OPTS="$TOMCAT_OPTS -Dmodernsetting=0"
  • Save & close the file and restart tomcat.

Customizable layout

  • The customizable layout features of Baya allow end users to hide or show frames, thereby helping them give more space to the elements of the interface they want to focus on.
Figure: Email Application- Write New Mail Page
Figure: Email Application- Write New Mail Page


Description Resource
User Documentation

SSO integration

  • The SSO connector in Connect Xf 3.14 allows application developers to give secure Single Sign On capability between their vertical applications and the collaboration applications in Baya.
  • For integration details, please contact Mithi Customer Care.

Enhancements to the mail flow

  • A new prequeue stage (prequeue forwarding stage) has been introduced in Connect Xf 3.14 enhancing the strong mail flow control features.
  • The prequeue forwarding stage can be used to automatically forward mail to another id as soon as the mail reaches the server.


Description Resource
Admin Documentation

Bugs Fixed

Bug number Description
  • Login - custom links on login page are shown distorted with unpredectible sequence
  • Chat - enableimfordomain.sh allows duplicate domain entries to be made
  • Chat - Web Chat not started on in-house server
  • Upgrade - registry.conf.sh is looks to be corrupted on inhouse serve
  • View mail - Java null pointer exception while adding to contacts from the view mail page
  • Chat - Password protected room not available for chat
  • Chat - Password protected multi user chat rooms not working
  • Chat - Improvements to the chat pop-ups - delete confirmation
  • Chat - Malfunction of the MUC Invite
  • Chat - Group chat invites not going
  • Chat - Presence: Online Status not correct
  • Chat - Emoticon Pop-up refuses to go away
  • Chat - progress bar when chat history is loading
  • updateusedquotanow prop reading
  • updateusedquotanow.sh does not handle https
  • GTL issue quota updation for om ID.
686 & 832
  • JS changes not reflected if pagespeed is on after upgrade mcs.
  • Default settings to be considered in the product ( smtp control, concurrencylocal ).
  • Tomcat startup script creates a file named 1.
  • Hard coded value is set in change network ip script instead of old ip address of machine
  • Attachment stripping error coming at SBI for blank messageid
  • All bugs are related to DRBD upgrade issues.
  • Read Receipt not working from Baya
  • log for mithi-ws-apache component not displayed in mcs.inst.log file on DR secondary server.
  • Default authex is 2 in qmail in fresh install
  • Jabber does not work in fresh installation
  • useconnector is 0 in fresh install
  • Antivirus check is 0 for in Fresh Install
  • Empty mail displayed when ldap connection not found.
  • Enable pagespeed in upgrade
  • [IE] Personal folders not displaying correctly when pagespeed is enabled.
  • Provided "go back" button on detail mail page.
  • Path of welcome mail template was incorrect.
424 , 461 , 497

Pre and Post upgrade steps

Refer the topic Pre and Post Upgrade Steps (MCS to 3.14.1.x)