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Release date

  • Aug 2014


  • Connect Xf 3.16 is special in many ways.
  • Firstly, it is the first of the smaller releases to be launched. This follows the plan to release more frequently to ensure that the benefits of the product improvements are made available to the users as quickly as possible.
  • Secondly, Connect XF 3.16 improves on the already strong features related to the processing and storage of attachments. While the previous versions introduced and improved on SISA (Single Instance Storage of Attachments) to save on bandwidth and disk storage, the new attachment upload features helps enterprises secure them in a central location. Considering that the documents sent and received using the corporate email system could be very critical to the business of the enterprise.
  • Lastly, the security and usability of the system has been improved by providing the Forgot pass application, which can be used by end users to reset their own passwords, reducing the burden of the admin of dealing with all the requests for recovering from forgotten passwords.

Supported Browsers by Baya

Refer the document Which browsers are supported by Baya.

Attachment Vault: Central Repository of Attachments

Auto upload of attachments to an FTP server

  • Attachments sent and received using the corporate email system are some of the most valuable resources of the enterprise.
  • Connect Xf 3.16 gives an exciting new feature which allows you to
  • Keep a copy of all the attachments sent and received by all or selected users on a central FTP server.
  • This is done while ensuring the following:
  • The control is transparent to the end users
  • The mail flow to and from end users is not affected
  • The attachments extracted can be regular attachments or can be in the form of links within the mail
  • The attachments of users can be uploaded to a single FTP account under different folders or to each user can be configured to upload to a separate FTP account.


Description Resource
Admin Documentation

Forgot Password Application

  • Prior to Connect XF 3.16, when a user forgot her account password, she had to contact the domain administrator to reset her password.
  • Connect Xf 3.16 introduces a new application which allows a user to reset her own password.
  • This feature not only enhances the security of the system but also empowers the end users of the system.


Description Resource
User Documentation
Admin Documentation

Bugs solved

ID Description
  • Deleted Personal folder remains as it is in move and advance search option.
  • Calendar: Advanced Recurrence Rules options are not hiding/unhiding on selecting check box.
  • Calendar: When user is idle, any dialog opened is shown in old style.
  • Calendar : The selected calendar's name should be displayed like mail folder.
  • Calendar : Adding event from within non-default calendar adds in the default one
  • Calendar: Accepting invalid email id.
  • Print problems
  • Long personal folder name overrides other controls
  • Settings: Help for all the pages.
  • Advance search option not properly displayed in Inbox and view mail page
  • Calendar: When user is idle, any dialog opened is shown in old style.
  • UserId/Password fields on SkyConnect sign in page have incorrect color
  • Bug in spoof check smtpcontrols
  • Vertical scroll bar hiding delete icon on manage personal folder page.
  • IE 7 : Issue in title bar of Manage personal folder page.
  • Long personal folder name not wrapping properly on manage personal folder page.
  • IE 7 : Issue in scroll bar and table data of Manage personal folder page.
  • Mail not visible on BB: Fw: Fw: RE: Outstanding amount
  • Include /etc/sysconfig/tomcat in backup
  • Unable to configure Calendar Account in Thunderbird lightning
  • On print mail page, logo should be on right
  • Error shown during fresh ConnectXF installation
  • mail filter : error message is not user friendly
  • 3.14 Fresh install : TOMCAT_OPTS missing in registry.conf
  • Inconsistency in theme
  • Profile - Personal details not showing years earlier than 2004
  • Profile : success notification pops up if validation fails with warning

Pre & Post Upgrade Steps

Refer the manual pre & post upgrade steps for upgrade from 3.14 to 3.16 here