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Release date

  • November 2014


  • Connect Xf 3.18 takes the integrated video calling facility a step further. The earlier versions saw the introduction of instant video calls to contacts in the user's rosters. With Connect Xf 3.18, the P2P video calls can now be promoted to multi-user video calls.

In addition to instant video calls, a user can also schedule conference calls with more than one person. The participants of the conference need not be part of the user's roster and they need not be domain users. The invitees will get a mail invite using which they can join the video conference.

  • The login to Baya also has been made more secure. The domain administrators now have a choice on whether to make user's enter the text shown in a captcha image on the login page. On login to Baya, users can also see their last login details in the user panel.

  • In earlier versions of Connect Xf, all the attachments in the SISA store were maintained in a single folder. To improve performance for large sets of users having a large mail flow (10,000+ users), the attachments are now stored in sub folders. The size of each folder being small, there are no overheads on saving or reading from the folders.

  • The calendar system integrated is now enhanced to provide email alerts for the upcoming events and meetings. Alarms set using Baya are sent to the users as email alerts. In addition to the client pop-ups, alarms set using desktop clients such as Thunderbird are also sent as email alerts.

Supported Browsers by Baya

Refer the document Which browsers are supported by Baya.

Video conferencing in Baya

Connect Xf 3.18 introduces two major enhancements to the video calling facilities of Baya

  • It allows users to promote P2P or one-on-one instant calls to contacts on their rosters to multi-user conference calls. At any given time, users can have conference calls with upto 5 users.
  • Schedule multi-user video meetings with anyone, whether or not the invitees are part of the user's roster or on the same mailing system. As in case of instant calls, video meetings can have a maximum of 5 participants.
Audio Video Conference.png
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Enhanced security for Baya login

Connect Xf boasts of some of the best security features in an email server. This release further strengthens the secure login to Baya, the web client.

Captcha on the login page

In addition to the user id and password, users can be made to enter the text shown in the captcha image on the login page. Only if the text entered matches the text in the image is the login successful. This ensures that the login to Baya is only successful for human beings and not for robots.

Baya Captcha Login.png

Last login details in Baya

The end users can also alert the system admins of any illegal logins by monitoring the last login date and location (IP Address) shown on the user panel. If the login date and/or location looks suspicious, then the users can:

  • Immediately reset their passwords
  • Alert the administrator, who can tighten the login security by enabling captcha for the login page, enabling password expiry and password strength, control access to accounts from different networks, enable https login etc.
Baya Last Login Details.png


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Email alerts for Calendar events

  • Connect XF 3.18 automatically generates email alerts for calendar alarms set using any of the clients used by the servers.
  • When user's set alarm using Baya, only the email alert is sent at the specified time, whereas for alarms set in any of the clients such as Thunderbird or mobile CalDAV clients, the email alert is sent in addition to the client pop-up.
Calendar Email Alert.png


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Performance enhancements

SISA store

  • When there are large number of SISA mails present in attachment store, then performance of searching and storing mail in the store is affected. In some cases, the view mail page never opens.
  • Instead of storing SISA mails into single attachment store, they are stored in subfolders in attachmentstore itself, reducing the set of mail which need to be searched for 1 mail.
  • The subfolders are created automatically by a scheduled agent. By default it executed once daily, thus creating one subfolder per day. If it is found that even in a single day, large number of mail get collected, the agent can be executed more than once to create more subfolders so that each one has less number of mail.
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Pre & Post Upgrade Steps

Refer the manual pre & post upgrade steps for upgrade from 3.16 to 3.18 here