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Release date

June 2015.

Browsers supported

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  • For the end users, Connect Xf 3.20 has the following benefits
  • A faster and better email app in the web client Baya.
  • Exciting new collaboration features such as Screen Sharing and integration with Framebench.
  • Improved invitation and response handling in the calendar.
  • For the administrators,
  • The POP Threshold administrative control ensures that there is no duplication of mail in POP clients if the server is migrated.
  • Ability to export the list of domains, users, class of services along with the properties from the Application Manager improves the administrator productivity.

End user features

Screen sharing

Connect Xf 3.20 introduces the beta versions of the Screen Sharing application. You can now share your screens when on a video call, allowing you to collaborate around a document, trouble shoot or give a presentation.

Description Resource
User Documentation

Screen Sharing Feature in Video Calling

Admin Documentation

Enabling Screen Sharing on the server

ConnectXf 3.20 Screen Sharing.png

Integration with Framebench for collaboration around attachments

Another exciting development is the integration of the Framebench application with the email attachment viewer in Baya. Once any attachment is opened in Framebench, comments posted on the document will be automatically visible to everyone, everytime the document is opened from Baya.

Description Resource
User Documentation
Admin Documentation
FrameBench Share Comments.png

Enhanced email application in Baya

  • The email application of Baya has been enhanced with 10+ new feature. The top features are as given below:

1. As a user scrolls down in any of the email folders such as Inbox, Sent Items and the personal folders, the mails will be automatically loaded from the server.
Mails once loaded into the browser will be maintained for the session, making the application responsive.

Baya 3.20 Infinite Scroll.png

2. Howering over a mail in the folder will display an action bar, which will allow users to perform actions such as reply, forward, delete etc. without opening the mail.

Context Sensitive Menus1.png

Context Sensitive Menus2.png

3. As a significant improvement over the previous Baya versions, mails deleted are automatically removed or purged from the folder.

Delete Mail Messages.png

4. The quick search is an incremental search which displays search results as they are found. Users can also stop, pause and resume search operations at any time.

5. The sort operation on folders is now 10 times faster, allowing the users to quickly find mail.

6. The system will now notify the users when a new mail arrives in their inbox, eliminating the need to refresh the Inbox folder to find out whether any new mails have arrived.

Baya 3.20 New Email Alert.png

7. Users can collaborate directly on attachments with the Framebench integration.

8. Users can now use the inline spell checker while composing the mail and even embed pictures directly in the mail body.

9. The UI of the email app has been cleaned up to give more space for frequent and critical tasks such as mail composition.

Baya 3.20 Baya UI 2.png

10. The interface to manage personal folders is simplified, allowing the users to easily define folders and categorize mail.

Description Resource
User Documentation Email application in Baya 3.20
Admin documentation - configurations

Baya configurations

Admin documentation - Keystone
  • Baya now includes a brand new emap app.
  • To fallback to the older app, a keystone has been provided. Using the keystone, you can make Baya work with the older email app.
  • By default, the new code is invoked. To fall back to the old code
1. Open the file /etc/sysconfig/tomcat using the vi editor.
2. Change the modernshowfolder directive in TOMCAT_OPTS to 0. By default it will be 1.
-Dmodernshowfolder=1 to be made to -Dmodernshowfolder=0
3. Save & close the file and restart tomcat.
  • Note: When this keystone is enabled, the previous keystone -Dmoderndetailmail is ignored.

Improved handling of Invitations and Responses in the Calendar

The calendar server has been updated to automatically send out email invites even when events are added/deleted or modified using mobile or desktop clients connecting over CalDAV. The calendar application in Baya clearly lists all Invitations and Responses and the Outgoing requests which still need to be processed by the server.

Description Resource
User Documentation

User Guide: Accessing Calendars

Admin Documentation

Configuring the server for calendar invites

Baya 320 Calendar Schedule Meeting Invitations.png

Admin features


The Application Manager has been improved to allow administrators to export domain, user, group and COS data.

Description Resource
Admin Documentation

Exporting user, group, COS and domain details

AdminConsole Export Dialog Box 1.png

AdminConsole Export All domains.png

POP Threshold

Set a threshold on the server to avoid download of older mail.

Description Resource
Admin Documentation
Pop Threshold.png

Bugs solved

ID Description
  • Now email ids in the autocomplete address bar can be edited by using double click
  • Support for IE10, IE11
1750, 1754
  • Print mail option doesn't work when mail is opened in a new tab
  • DRDO - spam mark issue
  • Unable to add more than 10 attachment in webmail
  • User is able to send more than 5 attachments in a mail.
  • glibc error- memory corruption error in prequeue stage because of accessing/freeing unallocated memory.
  • Auto-complete on compose page
  • Unable to paste multiple recipient addresses in ?To? field in webmail
  • Personal folders with 0 mail not getting deleted
  • Defect in Inbox quick action operations
  • Lots of mails for system root were getting received.
  • Advance Search searches in different folder than the one specified
  • Cant open mail from 1 of my personal folders
  • View mail in new window setting option not working
  • Close button in Advance Search toolbar not working

Junk characters displayed in Compose while forwarding/replying mail.( gharda )

  • To ensure that MS node is only used for Outlook addressbook authentication, all other unnecessary usage of MS-node are Replaced by CD-node or removed.

  • In mixed Xf version environment(3.16 master, 3.6 slave) add/modify filter from 3.6 slave baya failed.
  • When event has floating date-time then it is shown at incorrect time in Free-Busy view.
  • Adding filter from Slave using Baya does not work. Regen for password to MS node does not work from Slave Baya.
  • Mails without MessageId attribute were not opening in detail mail
  • Mail list was not shown when mail with invalid url encoding were present in the list
  • If a value already exists in the ldap, the BO framework used to give warning, now it will ignore and give a SUCCESS status
  • Messages were not opening in new tab on shift + click operation
  • Signature newline bug solved.
  • Empty contact(s) search in Shared Addressbook, if search string contains spaces.
  • Attachments not displayed on detail mail page of attachment stripping.
  • Unable to add all contacts after mail sent.
  • Attachments are set hidden default on detail mail page.
  • Displayed cc,bcc addresses default on detail mail page. Previously these addresses were displayed on click of more link.
  • Server statistic report generation failed because of hard coded database column name in create view template query.
  • Certain mail from rediffmail were not displayed in baya. ( beekay, panse )
  • Attachment in a mail sent by an application was not displayed on View mail page in baya. ( utsglobal )

  • User is not able to add calendar event in required time zone
  • When event has floating date-time then it is shown at incorrect time in Free-Busy view.

Pre and post release steps

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