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Release Date

October 2015


  • The use of the integrated video calling features of Baya is very helpful in cutting down travel time without compromising on face-to-face meetings. The feature is extensively used by us at Mithi and also by our customers. At Mithi, we schedule video meetings with our development partners, re-sellers and customers. We also conduct our placement interviews using the video meetings, saving time and money.
  • Connect Xf 3.22 focuses on improving the end user experience for the video calling features by making the interface easier. This is achieved by features such as:
  • Simpler meeting invites
  • Allowing all participants to share their screens
  • Remove the overlap of the thumbnails and the main display window.
  • Inclusion of text chat and many other improvements (please refer notes below).
  • The release simplifies the management of groups, making it easier to update group membership.
  • The release also simplifies the configuration of mobile clients making it easier for end users to get mail and send mail from their mobiles.

Browsers supported

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Connect Xf Applications and their Ports required for connection

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Video chat

  • The videos now adjust automatically to the resolution of the screen. This happens even on re sizing the screen.
  • The view-port of the videos of the user and even the participant has been increased to show more details of the user and participant in the video.
  • Add participant functionality has been changed. Organizer can now add participants directly clicking empty participant slots in the meeting room.
  • All participants can share their screens.
  • The more options menu has been removed and the Screen sharing has also been brought on the main dashboard.
  • Audio/Video mute and un-mute buttons have been moved on the users own video.
  • The template of the invitation email has been changed. Users now just have to click the join button to start a meeting.
  • While joining a meeting, both organizer and guests are authenticated using email address, verification code and meeting Id.
  • The verification code is no longer required to be entered by the user. It is automatically taken from the meeting url.
  • We have removed the validity of the meeting. Earlier it was 8 hours from the end time.
Description Resource
End user Documentation User Guide: Video Calling (Version 3.22)

Admin documentation

Admin guide video calling (Version 3.22 and Above)

Group management

  • The group management interface of the Application Manager now allows you to:
  • Define group membership while adding users
  • View the list of groups the user belongs to
  • Select users, groups and contacts to be part of a group
  • Export the list of group members
  • Import a list of group members
Description Resource
Admin guide Group Membership Management Using Application Manager
L2 Admin Documentation

Admin guide dynamic distribution lists

Other Improvements


  • Configurations of the mobile client has been made easier by revamping the documentation.
  • Other improvements include:
  • Support for DAVdroid client for calendar access from Android phones.
  • Mobile and desktop calendar clients can be using only the server-name and user credentials.
  • Default support for SSL, reducing the number of steps required for configuration.
Description Resource
End User Documentation User Guides


  • Baya is the client which gives access to all the applications integrated with Connect Xf. We are committed to improve te Baya experience in every release. This release includes a lot of improvements such as:
  • Support for the Microsoft Edge browser
  • Email invites are automatically generated when adding a contact to the roster.
  • A modern look for all the chat pop-ups
  • Improved layout for the contacts app


  • To ensure that every release is easier and faster, every release incorporates developments which improve the server performance, which ultimately leads to better performance for end users.
  • This release has the following improvements increasing overall server performance:
  • The disk monitoring scripts have been improved to put lower load on IO
  • Integration of the pagespeed component to reduce, compress and cache resources required for Baya.


  • Security too is an on-going theme for every release and this release is no exception.
  • The two developments which increase the security in Connect XF 3.22 are:
  • Added rate control scripts for POP, Modified rate control scripts IMAP
  • SSL will be the default configuration for all the protocols


  • Earlier versions required the services required for the video calling features to run on ports other than 80. This created a problem is some deployments as firewall rules had to be updated. With Connect Xf 3.22, the services (WRSS, STUN/TURN, Nginx) can now be configured on 80 and 443.

Bugs solved

ID Description
  • Pasting tables in compose
  • Framebench URL to have 443 by default
  • Error in attaching a doc in IE7, 8, 9
  • Add message text box in baya video meeting out of bounds.
  • After creation of a folder, options for creating or deleting a folder for the newly created folder are not displayed on mouse hover until page is refreshed or the main FOLDER icon is collapsed and expanded.
  • modified the deldomain script to ask for confirmation
  • Error occurs in sent items and drafts while sorting mail by sentto.
  • "enablegroupchat" property was not working. Group chat will be enabled only if domain level and cos level enablegroupchat property is set to true .If any one or both the properties are false then group chat will be disabled.
  • MUC group created founderchat does not show all participants - was chatting with sunil but not shown. When tarun logged in he was shown
  • domain level property "enableantispampage" was not working .
  • domain level "allowspammailfilteringconfigurations" property was not working .
  • domain level "showspambuttoninfolders" was not working.
  • domain level "shownotspambuttoninfolders" was not working

  • On IE 7 morereplyoptions list and moreoptions list was not getting displayed properly .Hence hidden the two icons on IE7 . The icons will be visible on all the remaining browsers including IE8,IE9,IE10,IE11 .
  • - Decreased the number of authentications done while login to baya. Currently on login the number of authentications accounted were number of folders + 3. Now on login only 3 authentications will be performed and when any folder is loaded the authentication will be performed once per session
  • The number of new mails notification in page title used to always show 1 new mail in INBOX irrespective of number of new mails.
  • Unable to configure calendar account on iOS device having version 7 and above.
  • Unable to configure LDAP account on iOS device having version 7 and above
  • Contact is not getting added from contact application
  • Framebench icon should not appear for docs which r not supported
  • Older attachment viewer was not working for pdf and doc files
  • From Stripped attachment will open in older viewer, after clicking on attachment icon or attachment name.
  • Mail is not marked as replied when we reply mail from sorted mails.
  • When extension of attachment in capital letters, then attachment viewer is unable to open that attachment.

Pre and post release steps

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