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Release Date

March 2016


Following are the key developments in Connect Xf 3.26

  • Easy and intuitive admin panel for user and group management
  • Dovecot POP and IMAP proxies
  • Domain migration automation

Whats new

Easy and intuitive admin panel for user and group management

  • The new Admin Panel :
1. Has a simple and intuitive interface
2. Works well from all the popular browsers
3. Has inline help
4. Allows you to access the advance interface as required
  • Allows user management as follows
1. Add users one at a time, in small groups or import from a csv file
2. See a sorted list of users
3. Search through a large list
4. Update frequently used properties through an intuitive interface
5. Export the selected list of users int a csv file.
6. Select the fields to be exported.
7. Delete one or more users from a domain.
8. Define group membership easily
  • Allows group management as follows:
1. Add groups one at a time, in small groups
2. See a sorted list of groups
3. Search for groups
4. Export group data
5. Update group membership
6. Delete groups

Admin Panel UI.png

Description Resource
Admin Documentation

Dovecot IMAP and POP proxies

  • With the new dovecot-director service integrated in Connect XF 3.26, a system architect has the option to have a separate Front end and a separate mail box server.
  • Also when migrating users from Courier & Qmail IMAP and POP servers to the Dovecot IMAP and POP servers, administrators have the control to migrate a user or domain at a time using the Proxy server.
  • Refer to the documents below for details.
Description Resource
Admin Documentation

Domain migration automation

  • Connect XF 3.26 now includes scripts and programs which help the Mithi services team to quickly migrate domains from one physical setup to another. This reduces the total scheduled downtime during migration process and also eliminates the chances of human errors.
Description Resource
Admin Documentation

Browser Support

Click to view a list of browsers supported by Baya

Bugs solved

  • Print and Show header page Close Button has different colors at different times and it displaces on hover
  • Change in the joyride flow for the email app.
  • Help and joyride for the new property to ask for confirmation before deleting mail.
  • On login.html and getdocument.jsp , third party files are getting loaded from cdnjs according to domain level property .
  • Import export contact icons were not getting displayed as per the domain level property .
  • Another chat session message is displayed on page refresh. On page unload, chat logout was not getting called.
  • On page disconnect, chat-boxes were not getting removed.

  • MUC was not working, user was unable to create and use new chat rooms.
  • User with extension.pl in name could not compose a mail
  • Ask confirmation before deleting multiple mail from any folder
  • Add domain property to use CDN libraries
  • auto complete box issue in mail composer
  • Help dialog-box and User profile
  • Baya - Compose editor should have right side margin

  • display contact info on IE8 and IE9
  • Remove backup to file from rotated report databases
  • Reporting db using extra disk space
  • raw_data table uses large amt of disk space
  • When multiple attachments are attached, total attachment file size is getting wrongly calculated

  • When composed a mail , if mail content was greater than the text area scroll-bar was not getting displayed properly