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Release Date

July 2016


We are happy to announce the release of the Connect Xf server. The latest in the family, Connect Xf 3.28 offers exciting new features which help the end users and the administrators of the system.

Available automatically on upgrade

On upgrade to a Connect Xf 3.28 you automatically get the following:

Simpler configuration for mobile & desktop clients with auto filtering

Prior to the Connect XF 3.28 version, users who configured POP on their desktop or mobile clients had to send themselves a copy of mail sent from the device. With the new version, the mail sent from mobile and desktop clients will be automatically delivered to the user's sent items.

Tighter Security

The video calling engine has been improved to handle enterprise security concerns. The video calling can now be enabled under tighter firewall configurations.

Easier Administration from Admin Panel

The Admin Panel now allows the admin to improve the security of any installation by configuring password policies, expiry and account lockout features from the easy to use Admin Panel interface. In addition, the web client Baya can also be quickly customized using the Admin Panel.

Automation using the Offline processing engine

  • As a domain admin, your job is made simpler as the system will automatically send a welcome mail to every new user created on your domain. The welcome mail will instruct the new users on how to use the web client Baya for the collaboration applications, update their profiles and other settings. The welcome mail will also guide the end user to the help wizard where the user can find information on configuring her mobile and desktop clients for application access.
  • The server now also includes some features which automatically clean unused mailstores of deleted users.

New capability that can be configured

In addition, you can now configure additional functionality given below:

Integration with Expandable or Elastic Cloud Storage

A Connect Xf 3.28 system administrator can now deploy the mailstore of a server on the AWS S3 service. This improves the availability of the storage.

Central logging

An admin can now configure central logging using the newly integrated logstash service. Integration with AWS Elastic Search and Kibana service will allow the local support team to revert quickly on requests to trace mail.

Features automatically available on upgrade

Autofiltering for sent mail

Description Resource
Admin Documentation

Offline processing

Description Resource
Admin Documentation

Configure Features

For configuration details, please contact support@mithi.com.

Browser Support

Click to view a list of browsers supported by Baya

Post upgrade steps

Follow the steps mentioned in the document Pre and Post Upgrade Steps (MCS_3.26.x to 3.28.x)