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Product ConnectXf
Version All
Applies to Administrators
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Why the does the connection between the server and client drop intermittently

Cause 1: The network cable of the client or server is faulty. Use a factory crimped cable.

Cause 2: Server network configuration is faulty. Check the gateway, ifcfg files.

Cause 3: IP address of the same subnet are assigned two different network cards on the server. Though the incomming packet enters the server from the correct NIC the response packet will always return from the first card.

Cause 4: The IP of the server is also assigned to another machine in the network. Do not use a DHCP range IP of the server. To check if this is the cause from the client machine run the command

Windows : arp -a
Linux : arp
Repeat the command multiple times. The HW address should be the same always