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Product ConnectXf
Version 3.10
Applies to Administrators
Level Advanced

Parameters to check and the remedies

Parameter Steps
1. Check if the service was down at the given time:
  • Check if clamd corrupt error is coming using the following command:
zcat /var/log/mithi/mcs/mcs_monitoring.log.19.gz | grep down -i | grep -v swm
2. Otherwise check get the other details
  • Check the logs of that particular time if other users were able to access the services
zcat /var/log/messages.19.gz | grep "Oct 20 12:"
zcat /var/log/maillog.19.gz | grep "Oct 20 12:"
zcat /var/log/tomcat/catalina.out.19.gz | grep "Oct-20-2010_12:"
  • If the service was unavailable for lets say 20 min. (lets say from 12:10 to 12:30) then collect the logs for 20 min in 1 file
zcat /var/log/maillog.19.gz | grep "Oct 20 12:1" > maillog
zcat /var/log/maillog.19.gz | grep "Oct 20 12:2" >> maillog

Similarly collect the messages and tomcat logs

  • Check if any exceptions are there in the logs for the given time
3. Check if service were stopped/restarted at the given time through GUI/Commandline
zcat /mithi/mcs/modules/mithi-system/report/mcs_activity_events.log.19.gz | grep <service>
4. Check if the disk was full at that time

The services can be stopped by the disk space monitoring agent (runs twice a day) automatically to prevent data corruption when the disk gets full. An alert is raised to the administrator (postmaster account)

zcat /var/log/mithi/mcs/agent_disk_space_exceed_limit.sh.log.19.gz

Click here to correct the disk space problem.

5. No errors found in logs

After checking all the logs if there is no data/error available for that particular time, then this may point to the environment issue like dns/network/connectivity issue.