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Product ConnectXf
Version All
Applies to Administrators
Level Advanced

Error "Connection refused" while doing telnet: connect to address <ip appress>


  • Postfix is configured and restarted without any error.
  • telnet to respective postfix port displays "Connection refused" error.
  • Postfix port stops listening.
  • maillog shows following errors
Oct 22 11:10:02 Mail7 postfix-myqueue/postqueue[28565]: warning: Mail system is down -- accessing queue directly
Oct 22 16:43:43 Mail7 postfix-myqueue/postfix-script[14533]: fatal: the Postfix mail system is not running
Oct 22 16:43:44 Mail7 postfix-myqueue/postfix-script[14593]: warning: not owned by postfix: /var/lib/postfix-myqueue/.
Oct 22 16:43:44 Mail7 postfix-myqueue/postfix-script[14606]: starting the Postfix mail system
Oct 22 16:43:44 Mail7 postfix-myqueue/master[14607]: fatal: open lock file /var/lib/postfix-myqueue/master.lock: cannot create file exclusively: Permission denied

Possible Cause

The /var/lib/postfix-myqueue/master.lock file is missing.


  • Create the file which are missing that is /var/lib/postfix-myqueue/master.lock
#touch /var/lib/postfix-myqueue/master.lock
  • Change the permissions
#chmod 777 /var/lib/postfix-myqueue/master.lock