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Product ConnectXf
Version All
Applies to Administrators
Level Advanced

Error in maillog: 'Temporary error on maildir delivery'

This error is typically to do with the mailstore corruption or the mailstore partition being full.

  • Check the mailstore partition size. If it is 100% full, then clear some of the older mail
  • In case of a archive account check the number of mail in the "Maildir/new" directory.
ll Maildir
  • If the size of the new directory is very large (more than 6 digits) do the following
 mkdir .NewMail<date>
 mkdir .NewMail<date>/cur
 mkdir .NewMail<date>/tmp
 mv new .NewMail<date>
 chmod mailjol:mailjol .NewMail<date>
 chmod  mailjol:mailjol .NewMail<date>/*