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Product ConnectXf
Version All
Applies to Administrators
Level Advanced

Error in /var/log/messages : 'Stray new line detected, closing connection'

This error means that the sender mail server is a non-rfc compliant server as it is sending mails which contain lines ending with only LF character instead of CRLF. Although this is not a problem of MCS, we can turn on fixcrio flag in qmail conf so that such mails are corrected first, and then accepted. This will involve a slight performance overhead as it needs to check for every incoming mail whether the mail is in correct format or not. The steps to do this are :
1. Edit /mithi/mcs/components/mithi-ms-qmail/conf/server/qmail.conf.sh
2. Set USE_FIXCRIO=t ( Originally it should be USE_FIXCRIO=f )
3. Restart qmail smtp service. /etc/init.d/qmail-smtp.sh restart