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Product ConnectXf
Version All
Applies to Administrators
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User receives an email with strike-through text


  • External email ids receive email with strike-through text similar to below image.
  • Local Mail between users is working fine
  • Incoming mail does not exhibit such symptoms
Strikethrough Email.png


Normally for outgoing mail, a postfix shunting queue is configured to buffer and send the mail to the respective domains/servers. If the mail has lines larger than the specified line length limit, the postfix MTA breaks them down by inserting <CR><LF><SPACE>.

By default in postfix, lines greater than 990 characters are broken by inserting "<CR><LF><SPACE>" which changes the HTML format of the mail.

In addition, most likely that there is a footer enabled for external domains. i.e. All outbound mail will have an automatic footer insertion (disclaimer).

The combination of the two seem to be causing this problem for certain kind of mail (maybe the ones with long line lengths)


Set the value for the smtp_line_length_limit parameter to 0, indicating that there is no limit for the line length. If this parameter is not present in the file assumes the default value for the parameter that is 990.


The maximal length of message header and body lines that Postfix will send via SMTP.

This limit does not include the <CR><LF> at the end of each line.

Longer lines are broken by inserting "<CR><LF><SPACE>", to minimize the damage to MIME formatted mail.

The Postfix limit of 998 characters not including <CR><LF> is consistent with the SMTP limit of 1000 characters including <CR><LF>.

The Postfix limit was 990 with Postfix 2.8 and earlier.

  • Enable smtp_line_length_limit in main.cf in every postfix
vi /etc/connectxfpostfix/postfix-outgoing/main.cf

If the parameter exists, edit is as below OR else insert the below line at the end of file.

smtp_line_length_limit = 0 
postmap /etc/connectxfpostfix/postfix-outgoing/main.cf
/etc/init.d/postfix-outgoing restart
  • After enable smtp line lenth in main.cf check footer on server.
/mithi/mcs/bin/getdomainproperties.sh --domain mithi.com --output mailprocessedfooterremote**mailprocessedfooterlocal

 /mithi/mcs/bin/setdomainproperties.sh --domain mithi.com --mailprocessedfooterremote t --mailprocessedfooterlocal t --replace --callerid superuser --callerpassword superuser

  • Check the mail Flow and observer strikethrough/grabage mail format

If getting any problem then disable processfooter

 /mithi/mcs/bin/setdomainproperties.sh --domain mithi.com --mailprocessedfooterremote f --mailprocessedfooterlocal f --replace --callerid superuser --callerpassword superuser

/mithi/mcs/bin/getdomainproperties.sh --domain mithi.com --output mailprocessedfooterremote**mailprocessedfooterlocal