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Why is a backup necessary?

Backups protect from hardware crashes, accidental deletion of files, help in moving the service to a new hardware etc. Ensuring that regular backups are taken regularly and kept in a safe location is one of the most important tasks of the server administrator and ensures high uptimes.

I have a Disaster Recovery server, do i still need a backup?

Yes. Disaster recovery servers are usally in the same location and ensure against hardware failure of the primary server. However a remote backup can ensure that in case of any problems at the primary site such that both the servers are damaged / inaccessible, a remote backup ensures that the servers can be rebuilt.

What should I backup?

Ideally the system data and the mailstore on the server should be backed up.

What should be the backup schedules?

Depending in the size of the data and the speed of the server, a backup process can considerably slow down the normal operations of the server. Therefore it is advisable to schedule backups at periods when the load on the server is the minimum. For example at night time.

How many backups do I need to maintain?

This depends on the retention policy and SLA of the IT team of your organization. We advise you to keep a system backup of upto 7 days and a mailstore backup of a month.

I have a 500 GB mailstore, can i use the built-in backup?

You can use the built-in backup for the system data, but for the large mailstore it is advisable to use a third party backup software capable of taking incremental backups.

What are the maximum number of jobs I can configure?

There is no limit on the number of backup jobs that can be configured.

Do I require to stop any services while taking a backup?

No, all services will continue to function during a backup.

Will the previous backup file be over-written?

No previous backup files are never overwritten.

Can I take a backup on another Linux machine?

Yes. Please check the instructions above.

Can I take a backup on a Windows machine?

Yes. Please check the instructions above.

What is the space required on the backup machine?

This will depend on the mailstore size and the backup retention policy. It is a good idea to have space similar to that of the original machine, so that backups for more than one day can be maintained.

What is the percentage of data compression?

The compression will be between 60-80%.

Can we take incremental backups?

The built-in backup system takes a snap shot of the system. For incremental backups, please use a third party backup solution.

Can I back up individual mailboxes?


How do I know the contents of a backup file?

The name of the backup file reflects the contents of the backup. Please check the topic on naming conventions above.

Is Greylist database backup need to take daily? What will be the frequency to take the backup of Greylist database?

There is no need to schedule the daily backup for the Greylist database. It is recommended to take it once in 15 days and schedule it when server has minimum load (can be on holidays) because the database can have the size in 5 GB and above.

What is the use of Greylist database backup?

Greylist engine stores the valid email id information into the the Greylist database. and if machine crashes then we will lost that entries and Greylist engine's work will be increased. We can avoid this if we took the backup of the Greylist database.

I have scheduled a backup but it is not working and I don't have any notification

  • Scheduled backups are run via the Agents system. Make sure the Agents are running.Please note that for a schedule backup to execute, the Agents should be kept running.

I would like to take a backup using a third party software like Symantec/Veritas. What all files should be copied from the server, using this tool, to ensure a complete backup of my mailing system?

Approach Mithi Connect server has a built in backup utility which generates a zip file of all the relevant files, folders and procedures. 'Procedures' are scripts/data to perform a procedural restore for ldap & the database. Hence to perform a full system restore from a backup, we have to use the built in 'restore' function, which extracts from the backup file and performs restoration procedures.

To integrate with a third party backup tool, we need to do the following

  • Configure a scheduled backup job to take a system backup (without the mailstore) locally in a defined folder e.g. /backup (if you have defined a backup partition, use the mount point on that as the destination for the backup). This backup job can be configured using the adminisrative GUI. This will perform the backup at the scheduled times, and store the backup files in the /backup folder.
  • To prevent the /backup folder from filling up with backups, define a cleanup agent to flush backups older than 'n' days. This can be decided based on your policies and the space available to the /backup folder. Use the command below to add this job.
 /mithi/mcs/bin/addagent.sh  clean_old_backups -restartagents t -display_name 'Clean old backups' -status on -schedule '0 4 * *' -alert_send 1 -alert_mode 2 -alert_level 1 -agent_program_path /mithi/mcs/modules/mithi-system/admin/bl/bin/agent_delete_old_files.sh -agent_params '<folder_path_where_backup_exist> <no_of_days_old_backup>'
  • Configure the third party backup software and provide the folder of the local backups (/backup in this example) and the mailstore path (/mailstore). Hence the final backup will contain the entire mailstore and the system backup files of 'n' days.