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Product Connect Xf
Version 3.10
Applies to Administrators
Level Advanced

Handling service related incidences

Example of service related issues

  • Backup not functioning
  • DRBD not functioning
  • Spam filters not efficient
  • Virus check not efficient
  • Slow web mail client
  • Slow SMTP and POP connections


For service related incidences, the server, domain and user settings for the service have to be audited and the configurations optimized.

Handling incidences affecting a user or a transaction


  • User getting duplicate mail
  • A user cannot set signature
  • A user's mail has not reached
  • Some mail cannot be fetched


  • Collect all information about the problem.
  • Information collected should include:
    • Symptoms for the user
    • Settings for the user
    • Settings for the domain
    • Logs
  • After collecting the information, go through previous incidences, has a similar incidence been reported. If yes what has been the resolution. Apply the resolution and check if the incident has been resolved.
  • Go through the trouble shooting sections for the service to see if the symptoms match any given solution. If yes what has been the resolution? Apply the resolution and check if the incident has been resolved.
  • If not a complete audit of the server needs to be done.

Handling recurring problems

  • Depending on the audit results, one or more of the following actions will have to be taken:
  1. The configuration of MCS have to be changed,
  2. The software may have to be upgraded,
  3. The Operating system may have to be upgraded
  4. The setup may have to change
  5. The hardware may need to be upgraded.
  6. It might also require the MCS maintenance team to release a new patch for the version to resolve the issue.