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How can External Services connect to Mithi Connect Server's LDAP directory?

The Corporate Directory of Mithi Connect Server can be accessed via external services and programs like Proxy, Desktop Client, ERP applications, etc.

While configuring an external service/program to access Mithi Connect Server's LDAP directory, use the following information:

  • IP address of the server hosting Mithi Connect Server.
  • Authentication information:
  • Account Name and password of a user already present on the server.
  • The account name in the above step is specified in the following format;
  • Syntax
cn=user-id, ou=domain-name, o=cd, dc=connectserver
  • Parameters
  • cn - common name - user id of a user already present on the server.
  • ou - organization unit - name of the domain to which the user belongs.
  • o - organization - this is always equal to 'cd' (corporate directory).
  • dc - domain component - this is always equal to connect server.
  • Example
cn=sneha, ou=mithi.com, o=cd, dc=connectserver
  • The password corresponding to the user specified in the above step should be provided.
  • Specify the Search Base or the starting point of the search. It is in the following format;
  • Syntax
ou=<domain name>, o=cd, dc=connectserver
  • Example
ou=mithi.com, o=cd, dc=connectserver
  • The above details will take you via the root of the LDAP tree to the corporate directory for the domain mithi.com and list all the available contacts as shown below.
  • Each user in the directory has the following attributes:
Primary Information
cn User name (in Corporate Directory) and Nickname (in Address Books)
userPassword password (only in Corporate Directory)
givenname First Name
sn Last Name
mail Email id
description General description of the user
mithiBDate Birth Date
mithiGender Male or Female
mithiSpouse Name of spouse
mithiChildren Name of children (if any)
mithiAnniversary Anniversary date
homePostalAddress Home Address
mithiHCity City of residence
mithiHState Home State
mithiHCountry Home Country
mithiHZip Zip or Postal code of residence
homePhone Home Phone
mithiHPager Home Pager]
mithiHMobile Home Mobile
mithiHFax Home Fax
mithiHWebPage Home Web Page
o Company
employeeNumber employee Number (only in Corporate Directory)
mithiJoinDate Joining Date (only in Corporate Directory)
mithiRelievingDate Relieving Date (only in Corporate Directory)
destinationIndicator Office (only in Corporate Directory)
ou Departement
employeeType Job Title
postalAddress Company Postal Address
l Company City
st company State
mithiCCountry Company Country
postalCode Company Zip
TelephoneNumber Company Phone
mobile Company Mobile
pager Company Pager
mithiCFax Company Fax
mithiCWebPage Company Web Page
mithiIPPhone IPPhone
mithiMailboxLocation Name or IP of the server hosting the mailbox


  • Click here to know how to add custom fields to the Mithi Corporate Directory.This mapping of Corporate Directory fields to LDAP attributes is available in "/mithi/mcs/modules/mithi-system/conf/server/ldapfields.conf.sh" file.
# cd /mithi/mcs/modules/mithi-system/conf/server/
# vi ldapfields.conf.sh