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Product ConnectXf
Version 3.10
Applies to Administrators
Level Advanced

I am not able to send an email to more than 5 recipients : Error- Too many recipients


Too many recipients error is coming while sending mail to multiple recipients


This is due to the "maxrcptcount" defined in smtpcontrols. You can check this using following command:



  • 1. Change the maxrcptcount in smtpcontrols

In this you can increase the count upto 50 using following command For webmail

/mithi/mcs/bin/setsmtpcontrols.sh -maxrcptcount 50

For all other connections

/mithi/mcs/bin/setsmtpcontrols.sh default -maxrcptcount 50
  • 2. Send a mail to a group

If you want to send a mail to more than 50 recipients then add all the recipients in a group and send a mail to this group.

  • 3. Send a bulk mail.

The details are available at: http://wiki.mithi.com:8080/index.php/Administration:Bulk_Mailing