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If the number of users exceed 1000, I am unable to view them all in Application Manager-Application view


  • When you are logged into the Application Manager, you click on Application View ->Account Information->Users, you get the following error message

The total number of records to be displayed has been limited to 1000. To get the complete list of records, narrow the search using the filters. The total number of records for the current search is....1003


This is a limit set by design to manage memory usage while dealing with large data sets. The message clearly recommends that the data set should be reduced to below thousand by searching for specific users/entities based on some criteria.

The implied assumption here is that no human can deal with a data set of even 1000 simply by browsing through the data.

We recommend that you apply filters (search) to reduce your data set.


To know how to use filters, you may refer to this topic