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Product ConnectXf
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Applies to Administrators
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LDAP Access logs grown too large


  • It is observed that the access logs are growing continuously causing the /mcsdata partition to become full


Case 1: Replication Type is NOT DELTA

  • If the replication type is NOT DELTA you need to stop the accesslog on the master.

Refer to the topic Stopping accesslog on Master for details.

Case 2: Replication Type is DELTA

  • If the replication type is DELTA you need to rotate the accesslogs.

Follow the steps mentioned below to rotate the accesslog.

Steps to empty the access logs on the Master

On Master Server Master is the designated provider server OR the server on which all changes are performed. /mcsdata must have atleast 1 gb free.

cd /var/lib/ldap
mkdir accesslog.new
cp accesslog/DB_CONFIG accesslog.new/DB_CONFIG
(If in accesslog folder DB_CONFIG file is not available , copy the DB_CONFIG file from any slave server to Master.)
chmod --reference=accesslog accesslog.new
chown --reference=accesslog accesslog.new
chmod --reference=accesslog/DB_CONFIG accesslog.new/DB_CONFIG
chown --reference=accesslog/DB_CONFIG accesslog.new/DB_CONFIG
/etc/init.d/ldap stop
mv accesslog accesslog.org
cp -rp accesslog.new accesslog
/etc/init.d/ldap start

On each slave

/etc/init.d/ldap restart
tail -f /var/log/maillog
(Check whether pop/imap logins are happening & mail flow is ok)
tail -f /var/log/messages
(Check whether mail flow is ok)
tail -f /var/log/tomcat/catalina.out ( only on servers where web client is used )
(Check whether user logins are happening)