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Linux Crashes

This is very broad topic and only some common specific solutions are discussed below.Hopefully you are taking backups of the mailing system data regularly. You MAY need the latest of these backups in case the crash is very severe.

  • When Linux crashes because of power shutdown or any other reasons, sign into your server as root user and use the 'fsck' command to check and repair the hard disk. This helps the system to repair the damaged file system and stabilize its internal structures.
  • In case the server boots up normally after this and the system functions properly, you may assume that the crash wasn't too severe. You may run a health check on Mithi Connect Server to determine the extent of damage.
  • If you face problems in bringing up the server, it may be that the crash has been too severe and may need a reinstall of the operating system and the Mithi Connect Server.
  • The following commands/strategies can be used to monitor/manage the file system under Linux:
  • Always run fsck on an unmounted drive. Always have a rescue disk ( floppy / bootable linux CD ) to login and run fsck if required)
  • Should use ext3 format
  • tune2fs : to control auto running of fsck
  • dumpe2fs : to know if given hard disk has bad blocks or not.