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Product ConnectXf
Version 3.10
Applies to Administrators
Level Advanced

Mail from a roaming user on Mithi SkyConnect are not being delivered to local users on the In Premise Mail Gateway server


  • In a hybrid setup (Cruise) in Mithi SkyConnect, the users are provisioned on the hosted servers and on the local mail gateway server. The user whose mailbox is on the Hosted cloud setup is called a "Roaming user" and the user whose mailbox is on the In premise mail gateway server is called a "local user".
  • When a roaming user sends a mail to a local user, the mail travels from the cloud servers to the In premise mail gateway server.
  • These mail from a particular roaming user are accumulating on the cloud servers and not being delivered to the mail gateway server.

Possible cause

  • The roaming user id on the mail gateway server, has password expiry configured and the password has expired.
  • In this case the mail sent by the roaming user to a local user will be blocked by the in premise mail gateway server if and only if the SMTP service is blocked for the roaming user in the password policy properties. The mails will accumulate in the queue on the cloud servers. The mail will NOT be lost.


The roaming user should get his password reset from the admin on the mailgateway server.

It is preferable that the SMTP service is not blocked in password policy properties of any user on the In premise mail gateway server. This reduces complexity of the setup and simplifies troubleshooting if required.