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Product ConnectXf
Version All
Applies to Administrators
Level Advanced

Mail from a whitelisted domain are getting marked as spam


  • The /var/log/maillog shows that the mail from a whitelisted doman are marked as spam.
  • The log on the server where the recipients mailbox is hosted has lines similar to the ones given below:

Nov 28 02:25:08 mailserver qmail: 1259355308.031816 delivery 507588: success: Details::_Successfully_executed_desired_MDC["Status"="Success"]["Sender"="abc@hotmail.com"]["Recipient"="abc@acmecorp.com"]["Date"="Fri,_27_Nov_2009_14:54:31_-0600"]["MessageID"="SNT117-W636DB809D27032A9AE7772CB9A0@phx.gb l"]["Subject"="***PROBABLE_SPAM***Mail from hotmail"]["Size(KB)"="73"]["AttachmentCount"="1"]["AttachmentList"="doc,_"]["ReturnCo de"="99"]["ProcessingTime"="0.390"]["FOLDER"="/mailstore/acmecorp.com/a001/abc/Maildir/.spam"]["SPAM_MAIL"="true"]["ProcessedSteps"="{ForwardToMailBoxM DC::_Info:_mailbox_location_'mailserver='_is_local,_skipping_forwarding.,_}{MailFiltersMDC::_(WL:2,RM:f,SF:t),_Applied_filter_'default_spamfilter'...

  • The string WL:2,RM:f,SF:t states:
 WL:2 - the sender is neither in blacklist nor in whitelist
 RM:f - Release mail flag is false
 SF:t - Spam Assassin found objectionable content in mail
  • The command to get the whitelisted domains shows the domain in the whitelist as follows
/mithi/mcs/bin/getdomainproperties.sh --domain motifinc.com --output whitelistsenderdomain



  • The format of the whitelisted domain is incorrect.
  • The domain is specified as @hotmail.com whereas the correct one would be hotmail.com


  • Remove the wrong entries
/mithi/mcs/bin/setdomainproperties --domain acmecorp.com --whitelistsenderdomain @hotmail.com --remove
  • Add the right entries
/mithi/mcs/bin/setdomainproperties --domain acmecorp.com --whitelistsenderdomain hotmail.com --add