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Product ConnectXf
Version 3.10
Applies to Administrators
Level Advanced

Mail sent by Exchange, comes distorted and in plain text format to a Mithi user


In a co-existence setup where Mithi Connect XF integrates with MS Exchange (i.e. shares the same SMTP domain/address space), there is mail flow between the two systems over the SMTP protocol. The users are essentially divided between the two systems.

In such a situation, when a user whose mailbox is on Exchange sends a mail to a user whose mailbox is on Mithi, the user on Mithi receives the mail in plain text format. This means that any formatting done by the sender is actually removed.


  • The user on Mithi, no matter what email client he is using, receives some messages in plain text, sometimes appearing distorted (if the sender has sent tables and used text formatting like indents, bullets etc).
  • The above happens only for some messages. The same user may continue to receive properly formatted messages from other sources.

Possible causes

When MS Outlook connected to MS Exchange sends a mail, it determines whether the recipient is an exchange recipient or an external recipient. Based on this it may reformat the mail for each recipient type.

There is a configuration in exchange to change this.We are not aware of the exact configuration.


The below links from Mithi's wiki and the Microsoft knowledge base may be helpful in understanding why this happens in exchange and the steps to resolve this by configuration changes in MS Exchange.


We recommend taking support from Microsoft for this issue