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Mail sent by Thunderbird, delivers in the plain text format


  • User sends a mail using Thunderbird desktop client with HTML text.
  • Recipient receives the mail in plain text format.


  • Check Send Options configured on Thunderbird.
Note: Following steps are carried out using Thunderbird version 25.0
  • To check the settings:
i) On the Tools menu, select Options.
Thunderbird SendOptions 01.png
ii) On the Options dialog box, under Composition
- Choose the General tab.
- Click the Send Options button.
Thunderbird SendOptions 02.png
iii) On the Send Options dialog box, make sure the option selected in the Text Format list box is send the message in both plain text and HTML.
Thunderbird SendOptions 03.png

Note: In case, if you are using prior versions of Thunderbird and do not have Tools >Options menu.

Follow the steps below


Whether you compose a mail either in plain text/ HTML, Thunderbird sends the mail as per the settings configured.

For example, if the format chosen for sending mail is Convert message to plain text, Thunderbird delivers the mail in plain text format though message contains HTML text,.

This could be the reason recipient is receiving the mail in plain text format.


Configure Thunderbird for sending mails in plain text and HTML format.

For Thunderbird version above 17:

To send a message that can be displayed as either HTML or plain text depending upon the recipient's preference,

configure Thunderbird by setting Send the message in both plain text and HTML in

Tools -> Options-> Composition -> General -> Send Options -> Text Format -> Send the message in both plain text and HTML.

For Thunderbird version prior 17:

-Click the Write button on the toolbar

-Compose your mail

-Choose Option -> Format

-Check the option Plain and rich(html) text

-Send the mail

To configure Thunderbird for these sending options, download and install the add-on on the desktop.

1. Press the key Alt+ t or Click the Tools menu.

2. Choose the Addon menu item.

3. Search for the string "outgoing message format"


you can download and install it from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/outgoing-message-format/?src=api

4. Restart Thunderbird after successful installation of the addon.

5. Click the Tools menu > addon menu

7. Select extensions option

8. Click the Options button in front of the addon "outgoing message format"

9. Select the option plain and rich(html) text

10. Send the test mail to check the settings.

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