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Troubleshooting Icon.png
Product ConnectXf
Version 3.10
Applies to Administrators
Level Basic

Mail stopped flowing from one Connect Xf server to another


  • In a multiple server setup or in a Hybrid setup (Cruise), where Server1 routes mail through Server2 and one particular user <user>@<domain> is used in the SMTP routes for authentication the relay.
  • It's observed that the mail flow from Server1 to Server2 stops one fine day and the mail queue on Server1 accumulates.
  • The /var/log/maillog shows that the Server1 is encountering authentication failure while communicating with Server2

Possible cause 1

  • Its possible that the specified user's password has been reset and the new password is not updated in the authentication field of the smtp routes configuration.

Possible cause 2

  • When password expires for <user>@<domain> on Server2, and if and only if the SMTP service in the password policy properties is blocked on Server2, the Server2 will temporarily reject mail and the mail will accumulate in the queue on Server1.


  • It is recommended that the user who is used in smtp route should not have password policy set.