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Product ConnectXf
Version All
Applies to Administrators
Level Advanced

mcs_config_events.log size exceeded beyond threshold

Received following mail in postmaster account


Size of file '/mithi/mcs/modules/mithi-system/report/mcs_config_events.log' (17892 KB) gone beyond acceptable threshold limit (16000 KB).


/mithi/mcs/modules/mithi-system/report/mcs_config_events.log this is the log which has all the entries for the configurations made on the server. This log is not rotated as other logs get rotated daily. If you get the above error that means the size of the /mithi/mcs/modules/mithi-system/report/mcs_config_events.log has increased above the threshold value. Please follow the steps below to reduce the size of the log:

1. take the remote backup of the current log file.

2. Clear the log using following command:

echo ' ' > /mithi/mcs/modules/mithi-system/report/mcs_config_events.log