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Product ConnectXf
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My data partition is in Read Only mode

  • By default the /mcsdata and /mailstore partition need read and write access for proper functioning. However in some cases the partitions make automatically go into a read-only mode. The reasons and the solutions depends on whether the MCS is configured with DRBD and heartbeat.


  • To check whether a partition is read-only run the following command:
touch <Mount point of the partition>/1
  • For example, to check whether the mail store partition is read-only, run the following
touch /mailstore/1
  • The command should run successfully without any errors


For a system without DRBD or heartbeat

  • If a /mcsdata or /mailstore partition of a MCS server without DRBD or heartbeat goes into a read-only mode, then do the following:
    • Reboot the server
    • Run fsck and check for any disk errors. If found correct them

For a system with DRBD or heartbeat

Refer to the following topic: Administration:Disaster_Recovery_-_version_2.7#The_.2FData_partitions_on_the_primary_has_gone_into_read-only_mode