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Release status

  • Release on: 5th April 2013


  • The focus of the Connect Xf 3.10 has been to make the instant messaging and chat features of the system more powerful. This has been achieved by integrating the chat application within Baya. Web client users can now use email, calendar, address books and chat from a single interface.
  • This release also introduces chat security features such as authorization, archival and policies. Organizations can also choose the XMPP server as Connect Xf 3.10 integrates two powerful chat servers, viz. Jabber and Openfire.
  • The new password security features of account lockout and password history strengthen the security of Connect Xf deployments.
  • The all new Baya interface gives a cleaner and modern look as well as improves the productivity of end users.
Baya User Interface

New Features

Chat from Baya

  • Baya the web client integrated with Connect XF, now supports IM or Chat.
  • Some of the key features of the web chat are:
  • Single Sign on for all collaboration applications - Sign onto Baya to use email, chat, calendar and address book.
  • Integrated with the email app - Use chat without leaving the email app window.
  • Group chat - Use group chat for departments, teams, or projects. Rooms can be open for anyone to join, or private for only invited members, can be persistent and available across sessions or available only for the session and can be password protected.
  • One on one chat - Have private conversations with colleagues.
  • Presence Management - Update your presence status for users in your roster.
  • Roster Management - Add to your roster by using the auto-complete feature to look up the corporate directory.
  • Emoticons - Express yourself by using emoticons
  • Spell check - Avoid embarrassing mistakes by using the spell check
  • History - Look up history to find who said what and when.
  • New message notifications - Get notified when a new message arrives.
  • Preferences - Customize roster, alerts, auto away period and message
  • Chat with colleagues on the move - seamless chat with colleagues using desktop or mobile chat clients


Description Resource
User Documentation
Admin Documentation

XMPP server

  • In addition to Jabber, Connect Xf 3.10 also integrates Openfire XMPP server.
  • While Openfire allows you to set granular authorization, Jabber can be used for deploying multiple domains on a single server.
  • Admins can enhance the security of their deployment by using the Authentication, authorization, policy and archive features.


Description Resource
Admin Documentation

Password Security features

  • Connect Xf 3.10 enhances the Password security features.
  • The automatic account lockout feature mitigates the risk from directory harvest attacks.
  • The password history feature ensures that hackers cannot get illegitimate access to user accounts.

Account lockout


Description Resource
Admin Documentation

Password history and complexity


Description Resource
Admin Documentation

Baya Improvements

  • Baya sports a new interface which is modern and clean.
  • The new interface has been designed to improve the end user efficiency by having to make fewer keystrokes for key operations.
Description Resource
List of enhancements in Baya 3.10 Application:Baya_ver_3.1_Features
User documentation Application:Baya_ver_3.1

Bugs Fixed

Bug number Description
  • The event_log table is not rotated
  • Added an agent to rotate event_log table after every 7 days.
  • Wrong CSV generated for DAB if a value contained a newline character.
  • Agent used to monitor mcs services restarts running ClamAV after every 10 minutes.
  • For LVM partitions output of df command is displayed in two lines, this causes wrong output in scripts that uses df command.
  • Output of agent_disk_space_exceed_limitEx.sh script contains information for same partition name multiple times.

  • Installation of RHEL 6 and 64 bit RHEL 4 does not support LVM
  • Connect Xf does not support DAB. The DAB should show users and group ids with details such as personal and official information.
  • The raw data table processing in reporting causes the CPU usage to go very high.
  • The update quota from the Thunderbird plugin does not work with https.
  • The update password from the Thunderbird plugin is not redirected to the Master server.
  • Marking multiple spam mails from the same sender fails in Baya.
  • Unable to view mails with non-standard Content-Transfer-Encoding header.
  • When a long list of recipients is specified in to To,CC field, multiple scroll bars appear on the message body.
  • Delays in replication cause problems in mail flow such as vacation reply not being set and mails being stuck in the queue on a slave server. This was solved by reducing dependency on the MS node in LDAP. All mail access services – pop, imap, smtp, queue now refer the CD node. The address book still uses the MS node.

  • Deleting user from a server hosting multiple domains fails when the license has expired for any domain.
  • LDAP address book look up in Outlook shows a numeric value in the alias field.
  • When an invalid id is given while logging into Baya a blank page is shown
  • On IE and Chrome the focus is not on the email id field of the login page
  • Authdaemon hangs on high load.
  • Un install of a patch clears both the install and uninstall logs
  • Read receipt requests not working.
  • Mark as spam, Mark as not spam, release mail not working from spam report.
  • Client IP not showing in catalina log when user authentication fails.
  • IMAPS access control not working
  • Older version (0.95) of ClamAV is installed for RHEL 4. Need to install version 0.97.
  • Property update from Thunderbird plugin does not work when http access is blocked for a user.
  • Calendar not working from Baya when the protocol is HTTPS. Server is installed on RHEL 6.
  • Login or logout from Baya redirects to a blank page

  • The maildirsize file not getting updated consistently.
  • This file is used to check the quota for a user when the quota policy is block receive.
13664, 13663
  • The changenetworkip script has been enhanced.

  • The agent to clean the mailstores of deleted users has been updated.
  • The mail filters with 'begins with' and 'ends with' conditions did not work.

  • The postfix service would not auto start on a DR switch.

Pre and Post Upgrade Steps

For details refer the topic Pre_and_Post_Upgrade_Steps_(MCS_3.8.0.18_to_3.10.1.0)